It is the time of the year you start reposting summer holiday pictures

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I'm too lazy to go outside now, went outside the other day for a short while and caught a cold. Ever since I have been staying in and eating sandwiches.

Winter in this part of Europe is depressing, sometimes I ask myself why I am here. But I don't like to always think negative, it's unhealthy. What I do is to think about what is good here. In Belgium, not so much great (Asian) food but the nightlife scene is great, you can find a lot of fun even in the winter, if you don't mind getting out in the cold of course. There's a special "museum fever" night with interesting afterparty very soon in Brussels, I think I need to go!

Plus, another solution against winter depression is to think back good summer days. So I guess it's time we post some summer pictures, at least by looking at them, you feel there's something to look forward to!

Let's repost some summer pictures then. Picture above was taken in Île de Ré. I love that place, probably so far my favorite spot in France and the whole area near where I am.

Always want to make a proper travel blog for that little island. But I've been procristnating since forever. It's likely I will never get it done, maybe I just hate making travel blogs, simply not my thing. I actually wonder if anyone really likes to write travel blogs. Even for such a travel enthousiast like me who always likes to recommend friends about where to go for a trip. But still, I prefer to write only practical informations rather than the travel inspiration sort of stuff. Because if I want to see photos, I open instagram, search for hashtag or type places, I can find plenty of them.

Maybe that's because I mostly know what to expect for many places, all I need to more practical info, then I can go discover it. But maybe some people prefer looking at pictures, I don't really know, maybe.

Even for me there're exceptions, for example right now I'm checking for all travel info about Seoul, it's in my opinion a great city although I can't remember much. I loved it just like how I love Paris and Berlin, because I love nicely and unique designed cafés and bars. Seoul is perfect for this, in this case I'd like to see pictures of those cafés and the baverage they get there. But that's just an exception.

Talking about Île de Ré, all I have to say is that island is awesome, if you ever plan to visit France, check it out. Don't listen to what I say, go see.


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Joy you are breathtaking! I love having women like you on the blockchain as role models for Ava. When I joined it was sort of male dominated.. and as much as I think they are fantastic too as a woman I think it is important to have strong female role models for young ladies.. so thank you hun. I appreciate you very much xoxo


That’s a lot of good words! Thanks. ^^ XOXO!

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all my love for Joy XD

Good strategy. I'm also posting my summer memories.


Summer memories are always nice to share!

嗨!Joy 新年就要到了,祝賀你開心天天💕

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謝謝Anne ❤️

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Well. That's nice, but you'd be a lot happier if you just wandered to Arizona. We've had 26C the last couple of days.

Not that I don't like your photos, but I fear for your health eating just sandwiches... :)


Lucky! hahahha I now got some veg, can eat boiled vegetables with sandwiches

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Miss summer

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