Changing my posting and voting behavior a bit

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Thanks, @steempress and my other autovoters, for voting my daily shitposts for so long, I think I’m gonna take a break from daily shitposting routine.

By take I mean I probably won’t “force” myself to post daily if there’s nothing to post that day. (maybe force isnt a right word, as I can shitpost quite quickly, I don’t feel much pressure). But as I said, I won’t randomly throw a song or throw some old pictures here anymore.

Steem’s voting power and cap actually doesn’t make much sense in my opinion, like @heimindanger wrote in one of his recent posts. Why should we vote 10 times per day any way? What if we suddenly have a inspiration to write a few posts, then should we still wait a few day to posts one another, a bit silly, no? What if someone used to write awesome stuff remained unnoticed by whales, when whales finally take a look at the page, that author started shitposting, then does the past hardwork count or not?

Steem still has a lot of problem, today I won’t go too deep in this issue, but seems like we’ve solved some bidbot problems, not bad at least.

I might appear talkative (maybe?) on steem in social media. I don’t really talk much in real life, sometimes I feel some days only in my vlogs I talk, haha.

Or maybe for someone who loves selfie and sharing stuff, I will still post daily here lol, I don’t really know.

But on my non-travel, non-festival days, my life is also a bit boring. So posting life seems a bit meaningless on #newsteem.

I’d love to make some weekly music curation posts for some nice songs I discovered throughout the week.

I’m planning a long trip again, I’m excited. This time I’d like to keep my itinerary a secret before I post it, and share it instantly. More interesting this way!

As for voting habit, I have a “long ongoing circle” probably just like anyone that’s been long here. I don’t know how to break the circle. Always feel if someone vote for me, I have to vote back in return haha. That’s how other social media works too right? On facebook, instagram I also vote for vote a lot! Probably gonna be a bit difficult for me. I’ll adjust some autovote list and try manual curate more.

Probably autovote again or follow some reputable curation trails when I’m travelling lol.





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Hello @joythewanderer! You are awesome!

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I can feel you. I stopped posting a month ago.
Delegated all my steem and stop voting. All followers disappeared in a week. It was not easy but I got my life back. I always appreciated your support, tho.
Good luck with your new strategy.

Thanks. I thought you just moved to scot haha. Will you come back any time?

hu hu
Schön geschrieben von dir
ich bin ja noch neu hier und weiß nicht viel von steemit
grüße aus dem Saarland


When we had the hf drama, I didn’t post and voted for a day. I actually felt I had more time and enjoy the tv shows I’ve been meaning to watch

so true hahah

Would be nice to know about your boring days as well. And I applaud your posting behaviour change, if you manage to pull it off, of course.

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Or maybe I’m only saying lol
Count this as a shitpost too.

boo $13 shitpost

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I might appear talkative (maybe?) on steem in social media. I don’t really talk much in real life

Well.. hope this isn't gonna present too many problems at SF4, I'm not the most chatty person either...

Really? You look like someone who talks a lot ^^ jk

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lol. Mee too. Group (>=4) conversation is my nightmare. I dont have a RBF though too bad hahahha

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Great to see more steemians doing manual curation. If there is only one objective for HF21/22 or #newsteem, it got to be to increase the level of manual curation

Sounds like a healthy decision and I've seen more Steemians make a similar one :-) It can only mean there's better content going to be published and more fun to be had :D Sooo #NewSteem :D


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Manual curation FTW.. thou I still follow some trails but hey I've got a duty now to manual curate... Wanna try?

I struggle breaking off my voting circle, not so reay yet haha

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Give it a try on 5 manual post curate per day I guess... That's a good start 😉

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It's something I brought up sometime ago is people or businesses can't all be expected to manually curate, I don't believe every business would be interested in that part of Steem, at the end of the day it should be the individuals choice.

Interesting thoughts, I believe maybe some investors won't have time to manually curate indeed. I wonder if there's any alternative to it, other than curation trails.