Brussels Flower Carpet light and sound show (vlog preview)

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Hey, since I just failed both live streaming and video uploading, I'll give a preview of the stunning Light and Sound show of Brussels Flower Carpet this year!

As I probably mention in my last vlog, the every-2-year Brussels Flower Carpet is the most amazing by night, as there's continuous light and sound show for this long weekend. The whole night, Brussels' landmark - Grand Place is decorated with flower carpet (Mexican pattern theme this year) and lightened with breathtaking light shows.

I just took some pictures, here I'm sharing them with you guys:

I'll post the video another time, so that you can feel better how amazing it is :D

Stay tuned.

Have a good weekend.

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You are welcome to leave any comments below. :P

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Greetings, charming and beautiful Joy

Pretty cool photos you put on Brussels flower.

I don't think I've ever met a place like this. I've seen several very, very beautiful and well lit.

I thank you for showing another location!!!!

Good night!!!!

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Wow the flower carpet is so beautiful!!! Like!!

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Thanks Yanyanbebe!

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