Bought an African comb in a Gio tribe.

in steempress •  15 days ago

How do you like my new comb?

I found it in a Gio tribe close to Silakoro, not far from Liberia border. Gio people is an ethnic group in Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire.

Gio villages are interesting for me, I already shared a vlog about their daily life the other day, if you are interested.

Villagers washing clothes in a nearby village.

View of the whole village, love the roofs!

Cute village kids.

A traditional hut, the small part attached to it is the tomb for family members.

I need to finish editing the stilt dance video shot in the village asap, really love that dance.

Stay tuned.

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Is that comb any good? It looks like a really cool souvenir tho :)


Normal comb is better lol
But yea, it looks interesting!


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