Any travel tips for Vietnam are welcome.

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Leaving for Indochina in a week, still haven't had much plan yet, try to travel slowly and easily this time.

Trip starts in Vietnam, so let's start with Vietnam.

I will be in Vietnam for about 3 weeks, starting from Hanoi, exiting from Saigon, then heading to other Asian countries. Only accommodation for the first 3 days in Hanoi is planned so far.

I think I'm going to do a motorbike loop in Ha Giang area for a couple of days, the area borders China. I went to Guangxi province of China a few years ago and had a great time there, I reckon probably the landscape would be pretty similar.

After that, I'm probably going to a beach or somewhere to chill, any quieter beaches recommended?

I know Vietnam is rather developed in tourism, so probably getting around and finding accommodations won't be a problem.

I was reading some travel blogs, people seem to like Hue, Da Lat and some other places. I saw some pictures of Vietnamese cities, I must say some cities look pretty similar to Chinese cities, of course they have more churches due to previous French colony, but where I live at the moment we have too many churches, so I don't think I'm going to do too much such sightseeing mainly just to relax.

What I really want to do in Vietnam is:

  • I see there are many cafés and they have their own traditional coffee, I love coffee, I'll visit a lot of cafés there.
  • I love Vietnamese food, not the those French baguette sandwiches of course, I've been eating too much bread nowadays. I like their noodles and satays, but I'm a noob, never been to Vietnam, so have to discover more varieties of food there. (Feel free to share any Vietnamese food that I have to try)
  • Last year I've been to some beaches, mostly for the tasty seafood, I see they have some really lovely islands and beaches, although I don't think I will go specially down south for islands like Phu Quoc, so if you know any nice beaches along the coast, feel free to comment ^^ Thanks in advance.
  • I see in the south of the country, Mekong delta I mean, there are similar water markets as those in Thailand, so if I'm not too lazy, I'll try to check it out.
  • Vietnamese traditional dress Ao Dai looks quite nice, maybe I should get one and wear it. Hopefully can find them easily for reasonable prices!
  • Because my flight is to and from Hanoi, I will stay quite a few days there, so if you have anything to mention, any tips for the city and any nice district worth taking a walk, feel free to share with me ^^
I'm looking forward to travel to Vietnam, even though it's bear market, I'll have to watch out my budget while travelling but still I'm excited to be on the way again!

And if you are in Vietnam lately, feel free to reach me out, maybe we could have a small Steem meetup or something, but of course I don't have itinerary yet and don't want to plan much in advance.

Need to pack for the trip now, talk later.

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目前我特别想去的地方有北部跟中国交界处的Ha Giang山区租摩托车骑一圈,大概需要4-5天。然后去找个比较安静的海滩休息几天,胡志明市南部的湄公三角洲好像有一些有意思的跟泰国差不多的水上市场。


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My only tips are as follows:

  1. Hang out with as many monkeys as you can.

  2. Take more pictures in a nice waterfall or cave.

  3. Bring Belgian waffles to trade with the locals for free housing.

  4. Don't lose your wallet.


Good advice! I'll be extra careful for my wallet...haha Belgian waffles and chocolate?


Really? Belgian waffles to trade

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Didn't know you was a motor bike driver @joythewanderer lol, I don't have any tips for Vietnam, it's just somewhere I would like to visit so I look forward to seeing what you discover there.


lol I'm no motorbike driver, that's why I'm super excited!

Be safe, enjoy the trip and have a look at for food.



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you're welcome.

How about Philippines? Tell me if you want to visit Cebu, Philippines ill give you guys a free ride and a free tour. ;) Just a ride...

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That's very nice of you thanks! But this time I won't go this far I guess, next time Indonesia + Philippines then!

Sapa is very scenic -
For a beach, there's Ha Long


ha long looks great, thanks. I didn't know there's also beach?
I'll leave ha long the last days before travelling back from Hanoi to Belgium then.


Ha Long beaches
We've never been to Vietnam, though - except at DeTian and Pingxiang on the China side


that's pretty close to Vietnam indeed!

To say thank you, you say, "CAM ON." Well, it is pronounced more like Cam Un. I enjoyed my time in Dalat City, above Saigon. Was in Vietnam for five years until 2017. I love the people. YEU = love. Yeu is pronounced ewww. I love eating rice chicken (com ga).

Three places we would recommend as you go down from Hanoi to HCMC:

  1. Ninh Binh to see the Grottoes
  2. PhongNa national Park for caving
  3. Hoi An, beautiful quaint town, but quite touristy now. Yet, still pretty.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot! checking all these 3 now!

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I'm an expat and staying in Saigon.

I strongly recommend Phu Quoc beach. Phu Quoc's lesser known beach is much better to chill than any other famous beach such as Da Nang, Mui Ne and so on.

Welcome to Vietnam and always keep your cell phone safely. There are so many snatchers. xD

Except snatches and some fraud, its lovely country to look around. :D


Thanks for the advice! Phu Quoc looks indeed lovely but maybe time is too short, I’ll see. Any suggestions how to avoid snatches? I’m so worried since I take pictures everywhere, I heard some friends lost their phones this way...

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...I do not have travel insight ....but one thing I definately like to mention...just make the best out of the travel. Thoroughly enjoy and explore Vietnam👌

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I love traveling to Vietnam. I have traveled to Da nang, HCMC and Hanoi.. It was so fantastic journey


I'm checking Da Nang, thanks!


Yes.. Good!

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Vietnam's agricultural culture is the same as Indonesia


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