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January 3, 2009 is marked as the beginning of something that in economic and financial terms has come to make great changes, a creation that has allowed the emergence of innumerable projects, in which there are more and more possibilities of application in the different areas of life; Governments trying to put legal framework to their use and even in other cases prohibitions, regulations, among many other things.

It has allowed many to become rich but others lose money, projects like this platform, steemit, have arisen sustaining themselves with altcoin like Steem and SBD, in short, there are many novelties that emerged from that date, in which a name step to the story, * Satoshi Nakamoto *.

I could say many things about the chain of blocks, bitcoin and the innumerable projects that are based on this technology, but it is around the name of its creator and some mysteries of this character that I want to develop this post.

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Satoshi Nakamoto, historical name already, whose face is unknown.

It is thought that it was not a single person who was in charge of creating the chain of blockes and bitcoin, but a group of Hackers, who faced the global economic crisis of 2007 as well as fixing a position against centralization and the participation of intermediaries in the management of our money (banks), they looked for an exit and the response to this world situation was that.

The existence of this cryptocurrency was so strong as a form of payment that more than 2000 different types have emerged from it, and that a lot of technology has been created to allow the development of this new financial world.

According to what I researched in 2016, Satoshi Nakamoto was nominated for the "Prize in Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel", he did not win it, but I think that if this character had appeared in that award, it would have been absurd, considering that the The Nobel Prize was created by the Bank of Sweden, the oldest of the *** central banks ***, and is still the organizer and sponsor.

There have been more than one pronouncement of people who claim this invention, but after the investigations have been refuted these people as creators.

Of the people who claim to be Satoshi is the Australian Craig Wright, who in fact presented cryptographic keys of the first operations made with the currency, according to information of 2016. (Picture on the left)

Other people have been proposed by certain investigations as possibly being Satoshi Nakamoto, example of these are Bram Cohen, Nick Szabo, Dorian Nakamoto, Hal Finney, John Nash, Vili Lehdonvirta, The National Security Agency, Wei Dai, are just some names of some that could be, but until now, the MYSTERY follows.

For now we have to continue assuming this mystery, like so many others. Enjoy and support the growth of this phenomenon, learn and teach to continue to strengthen as a way to manage our finances, our way of interacting, publishing, promoting, voting, among the infinite possibilities of using the blockchain that exist and will surely follow arising with the development of new technologies.


Like everything in life, there are those who are against and others in favor of cryptocurrencies. There are many people who see in cryptocurrencies the solution to realities with which they did not agree.

There are also those who do not understand anything at all and prefer to stay with what little they hear, without doing the least to learn about it, but something if it is very true, is a reality, regardless of who their creators (or creator).

What do you think would happen if the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto was known?

Would the current reality of cryptocurrencies change anything?

I feel that everything would remain the same, also in the particular, if I were the creator of the BTC I would prefer to remain anonymous, and you? Had you already assumed your creation?

For now, I would like to know your impressions regarding this topic, you can leave it in the comments that I will gladly read and respond to.



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It will crash the price as millions of bitcoins that haven't moved since they were mined nearly 10 years ago are now more likely than ever to be used or sold.
Also, the answer is not going to be as exciting as the legends. Besides all the faketoshis are fun to watch meltdown.


That is another point, the millions of BTC that were mined in the beginning and are not mobilized. In general, in all commerce, when there is a large quantity of "merchandise", the price falls, because there is enough supply, and demand decreases.

But, who knows, I hope it does not happen.
Call my attention, it is true, very often the legends are larger than they really are or were people.
Had not thought of that.
Thanks for your contribution @abitcoinskeptic

I think this will have an effect on the Crypto market and him, Satoshi. If he is a great personality in technology or in the Crypto space like Vitalik, Dan Larima we will mass adoption.

On the other hand, he showing up will bring trouble for him. He maybe charged with violating the monetary and financial policies of his country of origin because he didn't follow any government procedures before creating Bitcoins. There will also be a lot of complications aside this.

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Thanks for that comment @akomoajong

Yes, maybe you will skip some laws to be able to create this phenomenon.
Probably that is one of the reasons for the unstoppable search of this character, as well as the reason for remaining anonymous.


Law suit, a nice point.


Yes, very good point to keep in mind, considering everything that has been involved and how it has touched the global financial system.

The true is that if the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is known the effect is entirely unpredictable.
From my own view;
Well it depends on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. For instance if the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is bill gate people will enter into massively and the second instance is if the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto happens to be someone living under my roof or me caring for the guy then every thing drops.

Nice post and initiative.


Hello @oclinton
I had not thought about that, certainly, if the creator were a known character sure would have a considerable positive effect on the increase of movement in the market.
But I see it as a double-edged sword, because they could manipulate the system even more for the benefit of a few.

Thanks for comment

No matter whether they were one or several persons, they would surely find themselves in some cell today.
In my opinion, the initiators have acted with great foresight and I would not recommend them to reveal their identity even today.


It is likely to be how you propose it.
That has been construed in that way, create, free the world and enjoy its creation.
It is probable.
Thanks for the input.

He also did not know that the creator of all this technology still does not know who he is.
But I do not think it will change anything if you get to know, anyway, the technology is already created, and there are many other creadno similar things or with other utilities.
This will continue to advance Satoshi appears or not.

Interesting question. I had no idea that the name was a pseudonym and not real! I suppose that even if they were known and it was proven in some way, it really would not matter at this point. There would probably be a flutter of news articles and some ranting on forums, but otherwise not much of a reaction.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


I like to know that in this aspect you have something new that you learned.
Yes, it is a pseudonym, full of many mysteries.
Thanks for the support @jamethiel

Hello @josevas217
I think if Satoshi were a celebrity or an entrepreneur, if his real name is discovered he could give value to the crypto-world, or maybe solve some problems or improve it, provide other options.

Or simply everything would remain the same. I do not know, a lot can happen.

Satoshi should have passed away at that year. Looking at that transaction records for before 10 year, there be a few large bitcoins that have not been moved, so these live Satoshi are fake.


This is a radical position hehehe
but it could be an explanation to the non-mobility of those millions of bitcoin that have not moved, This possibility never happened to my mind. Thanks for that contribution friend. @cloudblade

I think people care about that way too much. It doesn't matter who created, what matters is the legacy/technology that he left to be implemented and change the world.


Yes, a lot of worry about it.
Even the FBI is behind that identity.
But I do believe that curiosity in man moves him to that search for truth permanently.

Let's see what happens, if you really know who you are, or who the creators are.

Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy their creation.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto gets revealed as Jeb Bush, Bitcoin drops to -12.

He is part of a very strong family politically and economically, he had not seen anyone speak of him as alleged Satoshi.

Thanks @knircky for the great support.

I think it wouldn't change that much but maybe the trust in Bitcoin would be higher.