Behind the Song - "The Street Where I Was Born"

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Hey there!

The following five weeks I'm going to dedicate my weekly update to the story behind all the five songs from my new EP "Acoustic Dreams". The EP is already available to buy in my own store but if you rather wait it's coming on Spotify and all major services 15th of July.

You can already today do me a great favor by pre-saving it on Spotify and in that way you will automatically get it in your library on the day of release and at the same time help me get attention for it.

Well back to the song. I wrote "The Street Where I Was born" in 2011. At that time I was just about to graduate from social work university and I had been living in Stockholm for about four years. In all honesty I felt quite lost and also fed up with Stockholm and really missed the small little village where I grew up.

So I started daydreaming about the street outside my childhood home and like an epiphany both the melody and the first lines of lyrics appeared in my mind. And the theme for the song, a mental walk through my childhood street, was born.

So the lyrics is actually very literal and follows the actual street from start to end with some small detours. So instead of writing too much I'll share some old pictures and the accompanying parts of the lyrics.

"I, was going for a walk, in the street where I was born"

"The water here is brighter, and the forest sounds of silence"

"Our football field. We used to stay here, for days and days and days"

"In our community hall, playing ping pong, drinking beer"

"During the final steps, I get a sight of the old school"

I looked and looked after some photos of "our house", the youth center where me and my friends spent so much time, but that got demolished for, in the end, being somewhat of a security risk.

So I hope that this little insight might give the song some extra layers and next week I'm writing about song number two, Sweetest Thing.

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