My First Post after Hardfork 20 | Speed up Snail Jade!

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Yay, because Steemit is back to normal.

Thank you to all Witnesses for hardwork and effort behind the scenes while we take a break.

But, I feel so laid back and slow like a snail in Steemit now. After taking a break from Steemit for it to recharge, my brain becomes slow and need to restart the momentum again.

Felt like a sleepy sluggish snail here...


Trying to make a post earlier but this was what happened...

Via Tenor GIFs


Congratulations to Steemit for reaching Hardfork v0.20.5

A few changes on Steemit I have read up here and there.

  1. Resource Credits/Mana (RC)- The new system which replaces the bandwidth, where activities such as posting, commenting, voting and any transfers or power up will use up the RC. This system ensures long term benefits not only for Steemit but for Steem blockchain as a whole. You can always search for many posts by Witnesses and some awesome posts on Hardfork20 to know more. Or you can read @timcliff's compilation on report from witnesses here.
  2. Curation Window - The Curation timeframe is now adjusted to 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Also, you will not be getting 100% of curation rewards anymore when you upvote yourself immediately. Instead, the portion will go to the reward pool. You may read more about it here.

  3. Commenting- Previously, we can only make a comment every 20 seconds, but now we can comment every 3 seconds.

  4. Unlimited Editing - If you have noticed, previously we could not edit out posts which had exceeded the payout. But now, even if our posts are after 7-day old, we still can edit them. Yay!

  5. Getting back of Your Delegated SP- What took 7 days before Hardfork 20, now it takes only 5 days to get back your delegate SP after you stop the delegation.

Please give time for Hardfork to stabilise, guys. A solid house takes longer time for the foundation building.

On the side note,...

Nothing pretty much changed in my life during my 6-day off from Steemit

Except, I did not need to squeeze out any brain juice to come out with a post. I still surf Steemit to get any new updates. Meanwhile, I had alot of close-up bonding time with family.

When mobile phone did not stand in the way, you noticed every little actions and you engaged 100% in what your spouse and children were talking. Previously, sometimes, my heart and attention was 50% on Steemit while attending to them (felt bad).

With some break from Steemit, I had a chance to take things slower at home too. I could enjoy cooking at slower pace, I could explore Weku, read books, did alot of fun activities with children, played alot of hide-and-seek at home with making silly faces and sounds, went out with spouse and actually looked at him eating instead of my phone, more video calls with parents, attended wedding at church, coloured my fingernails, took alot of selfies at home, blah blah blah...

Playing snowflakes blocks

Selfie with my new nail polish, lol

Enjoyed beautiful wedding

Chocolate mooncake time

Ice-cream time

Now that Steemit is back, I am officially back too, but maybe at a much slower pace than before, we shall see. Although it does take alot of perseverance and commitment here on Steemit (coupled with its communities at Discord app), I am not giving up. I can smell new hope and fresh air after the Hardfork.

The only thing is, I need to learn to balance between Steemit and family time. Children really behaves better when you give them whole-hearted attention. Perhaps, I will hop on more on or or Steepshot, because these DApps are so easy and user-friendly, less time consuming yet you get rewarded.

Join me at where you share what you like and get rewarded.

Get set, ready, go!

tenor (1).gif
From from Tenor GIFs

Hard Fork 20 is rocking the house. Keep Steeming and don't forget to have fun.

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So much information! I am glad you are figuring it all out. I still have a ways to go. And I am very glad you got to spend some quality time with your family!


As always, thank you @dalipops for swinging by and the support. :)

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Haahahaha I love your GIFS!! The snail bucking up one is so funny :P

Thank you for summarizing all these as reminders for us as we readjust. I too love my "writecation" being away and being with the family.


See.. I am so slow at commenting. Really feel like the snail. Need to speed up. Haven't started freewriting too coz the drawing one is easier for me. Don't need use so much brain. Lol

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It's time to pick up the momentum again, @iamjadeline :D


Yes. Even the momentum in replying. Lol. Thank you @wilhb81 for support. :)

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It was definitely a hard time for us who are so used to posting on steemit. It did give me time to coach my younger son for PSLE during this period of time.


Looks like most of use had a good time doing other stuff while Steemit was stabilising. Thank you @fun2learn for dropping by. :)

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Thank you for your easy-to-understand update.

I like being able to edit my posts after 7 days. It makes it easier to use Steemit for affiliate marketing purposes.

I see that you linked d-like. Do you have an easy to understand tutorial about that one too? I have logged on and tried to use it a few times and was not successful.

Pinned this to my Steemit Tutorials board.


Hi @metzli, I don't have the tutorial. Let me try to state a few lines her or else we can DM. After you log in with steemconnect, you go to the home button and you can see a sign "+" the plus sign. There you click "share", copy and paste the url link you want to share and click +. Add the tag etc. And submit. And can join the discord for any further help.

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Don't worry about it! It turns out that I was trying to use this app on my phone, and was missing all of the cool stuff that is easily available on the computer. I really like this app and I have used it twice to post.


Oh I see. Try to go there are too many cool stuff it is impossible for us to catch up. Those we could, we can praise ourselves that we have done it well. Those we missed out, nah.. It is okay...:)