Seven things that prevent you from being successful

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Success is a beautiful word that sounds good in our ears. Many want to be successful, however success seems to "only" visit a minority and close the door to the majority. Perhaps few people have the desire to make their environment as favorable as possible, to welcome success. Success will not know how much you want, if that were the case, everyone would be successful. If you really love it, avoid these seven things.


"I'll do it later" is often equivalent to "I will never do it", although it is never the goal behind the dragging of something. The person who does not want you to succeed is neither your ex, nor your associate, nor your destiny, but your beloved habit, called crawling! Delaying is not only the thief of time but also the thief of your health, destiny, life, and success. If you continue to crawl, then you will continue to push the gym and eat healthy for "later", continue to postpone your business start-up, go to school or write that book for "later" which will never happen.
If you do not "divorce" today, it will live with you forever and will make you unsuccessful. Delay and success can never live together. Where there is crawl, there is no success; where there is success, there is no crawl. If Bill Gates were to drag on Microsoft, he would not be a billionaire today.
Fear of Failure
If you are afraid of failing, then you are not ready to triumph. Failure is not an obstacle, but a degree that leads to success. The more you fail, the higher will be the chance to achieve success if you do not surrender. Failure is a teacher - to teach him what you have not been exercising and, if you allow, will motivate you to find other successful ways. Unsuccessful people allow failure to mutilate. They surrender in the face of failure and remain asleep. If you want to succeed, you have to give up fear of failure.
People who are afraid of fear may have a marvelous idea to start a project, but they are often afraid they might fail, so they do not start the project at all. But instead of feeling frightened by the voice of fear and failure, ask yourself: What if it happens successfully? Failure is not the end of the road, giving up is! Be persistent.

The world is constantly changing, if you refuse to learn, you will be demo. Knowledge is power. Learning does not end in school. Whatever field you are in, you need to learn and keep up-to-date with information. Successful people have a habit of learning. If you find yourself constantly failing something, do not convince yourself that success is on the way. Not! In fact, ask yourself that your failures are caused as a result of your ignorance. If you are going to open a cafe, but do not know anything about coffee, no amount of determination and perseverance will make you successful. If you constantly approach dreams with ignorance, the result will always be failure. Find time and first learn. Whatever you try, spend 90% of your time learning about it. Do nothing before you have learned about it, do not take a job before you understand it completely.
Lack of purpose
Everyone has a plan for you. The cable company has a plan for you; they know that you will help them increase their sales this year. The internet service has a plan for you; they know that you can not live without it. Your landlord has a plan for you. The nutritionist has a plan for you. The chief has a plan for you. Mark Zuckerberg has a plan for you; he knows that you will enter Facebook and help him build his own company. Everyone has a plan for you-except you!
If you want to succeed, you need a plan for yourself. If you do not plan to succeed, then you automatically plan to fail. Every day you wake up, you need to know exactly why you are getting up. It is necessary for you to have a purpose and a plan for your life. Successful people plan their lives, they have a budget, they have dreams and aspirations. In order to succeed in life, you need to have a good plan and a sense of direction.
Lack of courage
Courage is not the lack of fear, but the ability to act regardless of the circumstances. To be successful, you must have the courage to make your dream a reality, regardless of obstacles. The urge is to have confidence in taking bold actions, despite storms. Curse is the action taken with confidence, and hoping for positive results, regardless of the situation. There will always be reasons why something can not be done, but courageous people see things as feasible and find ways to do them. They do not allow fear to dictate their actions and decisions. They are result-oriented.
Finding guilt

There is no problem if guilt is seen, but if you will be successful, do not finish it. Better than complaining about what's wrong with something, find out how it can fix it. Successful people solve the problems. Instead of lamenting the rain, they invent the tent.

Lack of self-confidence
When the Uright brothers decided to make the plane and informed their father, he said, "If God wanted us to fly, he would have made us wings."
Engineers were told that Hoover Dam Construction would be an impossible task - it's too high, there's plenty of water to be controlled. They were told: "You are crazy, you do not even have to think about such a job."
When scientists decided to visit the moon, more than half of Americans thought they were crazy. Newspapers were written to show them how impossible it would be to go to the moon. Other scientists also criticized those who believed in such stupidity, explaining how impossible that work would be.
Uright brothers continued their work, despite the lack of trust. Today, everyone is flying cheerfully around the world. Opponents became witness to Hoover Dam. When a man came down to the moon, he was transmitted for all to see with their eyes.
Do not let people talk badly about your dreams and say that they are impossible. Believing that you can do is all you need. What dream do you have today? Who can say that can not be accomplished? Go do it and try that everyone else is wrong.

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