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I posted the other week that I was no longer actively posting on my Google Plus account. This is due to the announcement that Google, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to shut it down rather than fix the data breaches it's now been revealed as happening I believe on two occasions? I also said that I would start using the blog on this website (CannonLinux) again. Never has there been a truer statement than "Control your own Data!" in the sense that I certainly have no intention of shutting this website down which is the downside of using all these Freebie services such as Tumblr, Twitter etc. They might one day either say "We're shutting it down." or that from now on you have to pay. I haven't closed my account, it's still very much alive, but while blowing the cobwebs off of CannonLinux, I reactivated the ability to broadcast to my social media accounts anything that I posted here, including I'm pleased to say Steem. (We shall see as this will be the very first cross-post to there!)

Because I've posted a couple of things and they've appeared on G+ I've gained a few extra followers on that service. That's fine, don't get me wrong, but personally I can't see any value in investing effort into G+ I'd far rather people joined Mastodon and followed me there or Steemit I could do with some more followers on Steemit or at the very least more comments, it's a bit soul-destroying posting on there and only getting two or three comments let alone incredibly small rewards. :-D

I just wanted to take a few minutes to enthuse about Mastodon. You really should give it a try. There are some brilliant people on there with a diverse range of interests which means you're bound to find a like-minded individual on the service unlike some of the isolationist groups you find on other platforms.

Apparently, I have a reputation of being A Hater? Or at least there are two individuals that I know of running around telling anyone that will listen that I am. It's simply not true, I think the issue is I refuse to turn a blind eye to something that I know is wrong but more importantly I'm more than willing to heavily criticise something that's wrong even if it is something that I love or is close to my heart and some folks don't like that, they like "Everything is rosy in the garden" so when you start saying "Hang on a minute..." some people get really agitated. Finally, I won't be intimidated especially by people who feel they're far more intelligent or superior in some way. Those are the ones I really go nuclear on. LOL

"OK Pete, you've vented your spleen. What's all this got to do with Mastodon?" I'll tell you. It's taken me 20 years to find social media service I'm not on edge with, I no longer log in wondering what shitstorm is waiting in the replies I no longer hesitate what subjects to broach just in case some self appointed know-it-all gets their arse in their hand or someone feins being offended just so they get some attention and (so far) I can have some semi-heated debates that don't descend into being insulted which of course draws one of my famous nuclear responses (Just ask my mate Jono Bacon. LOL) Everyone I interact with on is totally awesome, we may have different political and social views hell we probably have different stand points on FOSS or just about everything but we all get along and without any bullying for want of a better word. I'd like to say that's down to the way Sem Schilder runs the instance, but I think it's really just there's a great bunch of people on the Fediverse.

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