TEACHER ROOM: Logic and thinking games, as an educational strategy to help improve learning.

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The games of logic and thought have been used in pedagogy to learn for a long time: separate lessons have been developed and even training schemes, based entirely on the development of useful skills through the game.


The arsenal of logic games used for this is great: from the oldest chess to the tasks and puzzle applications for modern mobile platforms.

Its undoubted advantage is visibility, usefulness, accessibility and curiosity, which sometimes touch the genius. Also, it's easy: online flash games have opened a new era in this regard.

Even today without leaving home, anyone with access to the Internet can take care of their leisure time solving several puzzles.

Discoveries for parents will be online games for children that will benefit children of all ages with thought and mind benefits.

In general, logic games are an excellent educational strategy to help stimulate learning.

Here are some of them:



Chess is not just a sport, but also a science, and even art. Many prominent political figures and generals loved to play chess passionately, and their biographers explained in part the success they achieved. In fact, chess is not only the oldest and best known logic game, but it is also an exercise in tactics and strategies that require and develop observation, patience and combined vision.


For many, familiarity with chess began precisely with the game of checkers. The rules are simpler, and the Russian ladies in a type of checkers can be played on an 8x8 chessboard. This option was the most famous, but there are a large number of fans in the world of different variations of the game: from the international, where the 10x10 playing field is used, to the national ladies (English, American, Czech). , Turks and others). The number of players also varies from 2 to 4.

Although playing the ladies is not difficult, and the games in them are not long, it requires attention, strategic and tactical thinking to win. By the way, the rules of the game in different chips can be easily found on the Internet.

Tic tac toe

Due to its simplicity, it borders on genius, the tic-tac-toe and today remains one of the favorite games of all boring couples, lessons, conferences, meetings.

Each of us, at least once in his life, played the famous tic-tac-toe, trying to build a row or diagonally 3 crosses or 3 zeros in a field of nine cells. If you have trained enough in this game, you probably know that two experienced players always end up in a draw, and this makes the game not interesting for them.

Puzzles and combination tasks.

The puzzles have been used for a long time as tasks for the development of logic and creative thinking. The popularity of these tasks is due to the ease of use and availability of the material from which entertaining geometric figures and arithmetic are composed.


Solve this type of puzzle can be at home, at work, on the street or on the road: simply find a flat surface to establish the necessary schemes of the matches. The logic games in the games of change are simple and complex, so they are suitable for elementary school children (although "games for children are not a toy") and for adults.


It is an excellent learning tool that helps strengthen the skills of reasoning and calculation in mathematics. It requires logic and patience to solve it.

Children who play with Sudoku feel more confident and familiar with the numbers when they solve a mathematical problem.

Sudoku exists for all levels because they are presented with different degrees of difficulty.

It is worth emphasizing that thanks to these games students develop emotional and social intelligence. As a result, their logic, memory, ingenuity, holistic and visual perception, figurative thinking and independence develop.

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