Would you HODL Hunt Tokens?

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Thanks To Canva

Would you HODL or DUMP your Hunt Tokens?

The Hunt Platform, not just SteemHunt has been growing for a year. Thanks to @jayplayco from his long article he made here. Trust me, go give him 50 claps he deserves it, we all deserve it! I am also going to celebrate my existence in this platform. For almost a year, I seen so many changes from the platform. Not just about user-scores and the rewards pool, but also new users and new posted hunts and products.

Since some of the hunters are already earning more tokens than expected, hunters including me did not expect for a hunt token worth $0.02 USD at IEOs, now what would you do with your hunts tokens, would you stay and not dump your hard earned tokens for a year, or hodl just a little bit?

Hunt Tokens SOLD OUT!

Hunt Tokens are Sold out in just a few seconds and minutes, which also a sign of higher and bigger demands outside the market. We just dont know yet what will happen after the tokens are available for trade at DayBit, the first SMT to be traded.

Lets have a recap.

1) First IEO at IDCM Korea

IDCM, or International Digital Currency Markets, provides digital currency exchange services like BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH and more.

The first IEO was Launched at March 14, 2019 with a largest bonus rate of about 17% this was the first sale from IDCM-Korea and it sold out for 3 Minutes. At first I thought the tokens were sold for only 3 seconds, I immediately read the post from the announcement. It seems that we are already walking in the right path.

2) Second IEO at Probit Exchange

Probit is also another Exchange that offers IEOs including the Hunt Tokens. Probit was also the first who accepted Steem Tokens in exchange for Hunt Tokens.

The second IEO was Launched succesfully at Martch 22-26, 2019. It Successfully reached at 146.63% from its current goal. The unique offered from Probit is when referring your friends from Probit Exchange would also give you at least 1% of how much the user you referred to.

3) Third IEO at DayBit Exchange

The third IEO at DayBit exchange was a very huge success, with 3 rounds of selling hunt tokens, and with the Hunt Platform on its road to success, DayBit exchanges primarily lists Hunt Tokens. I already knew that some users who has been around in SteemHunt bought Hunt Tokens.

Main Question...

The HuntPlatform as I have mentioned (not just SteemHunt) has been around for a year now. What would you do from those tokens you earned? Comment down below, give me a valuable reason why.

Would you rather Invest it to Materials and things for the ReviewHunt? or any other reasons?

I will be rewarding users a total of 5-10 STEEM in the PrizePool! Comment now!

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Thank you @chuuuckie for holding space in the comment section for some of the whales in the Hunt economy to share. I enjoyed reading all of your responses. Deciding what we do with our tokens could be one of the most important decisions of our lives. Having said that, good luck to all of you Hunters going into the future, and thank you for adding value to get our community in this position.

What will I do with my Hunt tokens?

This is a very difficult decision for me. To be honest I joined the Steemhunt community after mentally assigning a value to what I thought SH was worth, and realizing in theory I could grow my stake in Steem faster by trading my voting power for Hunt tokens than I could only self upvoting. The real magic came when I realized I could earn 3x those Hunt tokens by holding a role as an influencer. Now that I'm in a position as a SH whale, I have debated selling 12.5-25% for Steem and 12.5-25% for Bitcoin. For many reasons I have decided to hold all of my Hunt tokens, and buy more Steem, Bitcoin, as well as more Hunt tokens. I will be looking to find more ways to increase my stake in SH going into the future.

DM me if you are interested in buying or selling Hunt tokens OTC.

Damn, you hit 500k already? That's pretty Sweet!
I had wished for atleast 200k but unfortunately haven't hit that target.

Woah there. I never said 500k lol

Hahaha, well, basically Whale Starts at 500k for STEEM, So I thought we're thinking in those terms? No?

I thought a whale was only 50k on Steem.

Hehehe, No, That's an Orca.

Orca's are whales. ;-)

Thats a conversation right there :P

Great response @fruitdaddy, love your attitude man. I also find it difficult, to sell or not to sell. Since I really want to create more content on top of steem blockchain, the tokens would also be an investment if I buy things to create a great content. I also think I dont need this tons of money since I am financially stable.

I'm not selling mine below $0.3 , I know we can see that value, doesn't matter how long it takes, I'll try my best to wait for it. So Holding it is for me.

May these waves go up! :D Goodluck to your Journey @elsiekjay

For sure am gonna hodle my tokens am not that desperate for money and yep steemhunt just changed the look of my blog steemhunt is a real community. TbH coz of my hunting experience many of my friends just jumped into sh 😂 so yea I can proudly say that we are real community😎😎

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Awhh, How sweet haha! Well Id say you also did a great Job @xawi, you deserve those earnings with effort.

For me, its about factorial and futuristic minded. If you know and have an idea about what will happen to steemhunt and the token, maybe a HOLD will help. But, if you are badly in need, a small part of your hunt token will be dump and the biggest percentage will be on hold. Its on you on how you play the game and how you are dedicated about the platform. Do things in a right way and in a good possible opportunity. Have a nice day mate @chuuuckie!

Wise words from an Engineer :O

Personally I've planned to hold the tokens till the ideahunt launches and that has been my mindset
And for the reviewhunt, i hope to utilize the platform ASAP

Use case has been my mindset as well. We are going to be getting crazy discounts on tech items in the future.

I am connected with steemhunt and hunt platform scienc december 2018. From that moment I collect hunt token make research about hunt platform.
In my views, Steemhunt team is the super smart team amomg steem blockchain dapp. So I have a big hope about hunt token.
In my research say, a big pump comes on hunt token after release @reviewhunt and @ideahunt. and it's obviously more than 0.07$/hunt token.
Because, for review product and crwdfunding, copany and crowfunding participants must buy hunt token. This is the big realistic point to increase hunt token price.
So, right now I am not going to sell my hunt token. I hold it and I hope very soon hunt token price hit 0.10$.

Good speculation @mawahab sire.

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I will definitely hold my hunt tokens! There are a lot of beautiful projects coming and Hunt will explode!

I like your Style for holding the Tokens and believing that there is much more in the near Future!

There is no reason to dump. This dapp has shown in my opinion the fastest development. I have been here for may be 6 to 8 months. The team has stuck to timelines, has a clear strategy, and has managed to attract users increasingly with time. Even with just steemhunt, at 0.02 cents, it is undervalued. I thought fair value was 5 cents when daily active users were far lower. I mean if people dump and the token falls below list price, i may look to buy. We've all heard that story of the goose that laid golden eggs. Those who are short sighted will miss out on bigger rewards in the future imo. I want to wait what happens when review hunt is launched. The hunt platform offers a lot of promise basis the existing track record. I will wait to see how things progress and will sell when i think hunt token is overvalued, which it isn't now.

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I guess we are in the Same Boat, are you planning to participate in ReviewHunt?

Written reviews, may be, but video content, i doubt. I won't have time or skill for the latter

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I will only look for ways to acquire more hunt tokens. That including selling parts of my stake to buy back in case the price crashes

Thats a great technique.

Great write up @chuuuckie

If I should sell, I would sell off 30% of my hunt tokens and HODL the remaining 70%. Dumping 100% of my hunt tokens would be a dumb decision. What if the price pumps and I have nothing left to brag about?

Seeing the big picture, all the IEO's were successful and some even sold out within few seconds, which got me thinking; The people that bought those tokens within seconds, are they really human? lol 😂

They're some upcoming promising integrations like ideahunt and reviewhunt that could boost the value of hunt tokens because that's when real-life use cases of the token arises.

Check out the commitment, professionalism and excellent marketing strategies of Steemhunt team. This project ticks almost all the boxes. When bull-run comes, people would wish they had invested in hunt tokens when the price was $0.02.

I agree.. I was being narrow minded seeing your comment at first. But your 2nd statement that talks about integration and stuff, I realized its not just me who thought about this. Im glad there are users who realizes not to dump the tokens :)

For getting this token And learn about this platform i worked hard. i given also my time here.Also in steemhunt platform many are giving there sleep time .We are giving here our hard work.I am not going to sell easily my all token. I will hold this token for more price.We are giving our best here. So i will hold my token.
Thanks for your question @chuuuckie

Good jobb @afrinsultana, you did a great job to help the community grow in the SteemHunt platform ;)

I am going to divide them into 50/50, Sell 50 % and hold 50 % for the next year. why I am selling 50 %? I need to pay some debts and i don't have any other way ;) Steem is not doing great as we all know that.

That is very generous of you @abdulmanan, keep it up and stay cool amigo ;)

I would say that i will sell some of my hunt tokens to spend on my daily expenses and to treat my family. Treating my family is one of my dream using my own money.

The remaining hunt tokens will be hodling and purchase some products that i will be interested to.

I have big hope for this platform because this platform is one of the fastest growing in steem blockchain. Who knows? That, we, Steemhunters will be the millionaires because of HODLing these tokens if the price will up.

I really appreciate your generosity to yor familiy! Goodluck with your Journey :)

I have witnessed Steemhunt month after it was made for you have introduced this to me. It is indeed a very big privilege to be a part of this community. It helped me grow, not just my steem, my hunt token but also my knowledge of the awesome technologies that this world has given us.

I would say, at the moment, I would rather hodl unto it for I see a great future to this community. Also, if I could I see a better product, I will really buy it using my hunt token haha.

You are welcome @truthsfinder! :D

The right and interesting way to make a discussion about HUNT tokens, you seem to know how to provoke people to comment;)

Speaking of HUNT tokens, I hope that I can gather more than I have now, thanks to the team and the system they made for allowing me to become a influencer at that time, thus earning my HUNT tokens 3x more large than normal users.

With the start of the IEO and the decrease in the acquisition of HUNT tokens 20% or 30% every week making HUNT tokens more difficult to obtain except by buying, if this is the case, it is very likely that the HUNT value that is hard to get will be higher, I'll bet in 2020 HUNT token> $ 1. Mark my words, buddy;)

For me, HODLing would be a reasonable choice except for urgent and really important reasons I had to sell it, because seeing how the team's progress at SteemHunt, everything might still happen, @ideahunt and @reviewhunt still not implemented, let's just wait and see.

Yes of course your Opinions are highly valuable. For those potential companies who wants to know if we are active or not.

I guess you already have 100k tokens? :D

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For me HUNT tokens are not just any token ... these are my partnership's documents with Hunt Platform.

I am seeing/observing the outstanding pace of progress and out-of-the-box strategic actions from the SH team almost from the beginning (I joined Steemhunt in June last year) ... I am not gonna loose my partnership with this platform a tiny bit for a longer time.

And yes, these tokens are gonna provide options on Reviewhunt & Ideahunt as well ... the more the tokens, the better the chances/options for more financial benefits.

Now, this has exited from the domain of hope and entered into a world of solid reality, Hunt Platform will be a place of multiple opportunities ... from earning to spending (spending for better deals) ...

HUNT tokens will be our keys to these opportunities.

So ... HODL

Wow! This comment is what I find interesting.

"Partnership's documents" - I dont get it lol, but Ill dig into it deeper.

You and the Hunt Platform is lucky to have both working together. I agree, there will be a lot more opportunities waiting!

These words are symbolic representation of my level of attachment with Steemhunt, or you could say, they represent the level of the importance I have in mind for Steemhunt.

Agreed ... we are lucky to have the opportunity of being a part of Steemhunt.

Wish you a lovely day and millions of successes.

The price is cool and all but my Hunt tokens have been growing since @Steemhunt as one of the few who jumped in the idea and supported the team and an early mod last year. I will be Hodling my tokens until further notice. The Hunt platform and the team have always shown professionalism no surprise they have gone this far in such a short time. Thanks @chuuukie for the post.

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Yeah, I also saw you 100k Hunt tokens Mark ;) . Good luck with your Journey @chronocrypto!

As you said Hunt Platform not just steemhunt anymore but there's two projects that will be released this year too. For me personally, I really love and proud with steemhunt so I'll hold my token and use the token transaction on the platform. If we love the platform, we don't want just to get the advantages from the platform but we need to care too for the platform cz it can be built the truth for the investors to come here. Health and sustainability platform need to care for the community so the hunt token price will be always stabile and not fall down.

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I like the way you treat others equally with love and respect. Truly concerned about the platforms Future :)

I believe in the long term value that Steemhunt plattform creates for its users and clients.
There will be investors who are selling right in the beginning when the Tokens hit the market. I think 0.02 cents is a great price to start and when we see a dump in price there are still many investors who are willing to pick up some Hunts for cheap.
I mostly hope that Steemhunt will revamp their Homepage and get Reviewhunt and the other modules completed in time.
To summarize, I will Hodl my Steemhunt Tokens!

Your HODL makes the market go up much higher :O . Reviewhunt isnt live yet, Im also waiting for their official announcement :)

I have not been dedicated all this while to just sell those tokens at a very cheap rate. Apart from selling, i am interested in its utility, maybe i should make a post about it after i finish my research probably alot wont think of dumping and focus on the utility and also help the project.

What an Openminded Answer! I guess the key word here is "Utility"

You are smart

Probably @steemhunt breakdown its utility to us

For me, the Hunt token is a pump dump token. However, I would like to sell half of my tokens for a good cause at $0.05. I need money to buy something for my family to give them happiness.

Give my regards to your family @ikrach 😊

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I have little tokens, I will keep it with me to sell later. But those who worked hard and earned some good amount of tokens must take some decisions wisely. They can invest for review hunt that is a good idea, keep some tokens with them for future market. Sell some of their tokens and enjoy some beer now...!

Take this an Adult advice Youngsters!

I agree with you there "Take some decisions wisely" - because we cannot predict the market, or the value of its token. Maybe because it could be based from our Performance of what we are actively doing or the Community, Or maybe from news and if its popular or not.

Of course you have taken a good method for us and I have enough hunt token to have it and if I win a little better then it will definitely be more delighted and of course I will try to do more token every day to give us something like this. What we did not even imagine

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Goodluck with your Journey @mamun123456!

I will definitely hold barring any economic melt down because the hunt platform has the potential to grow with review hunt and idea hunt.

Besides there will always be new innovative products /projects coming out and folks looking for platforms that offer such services and much more.

Products are rare to find nowadays, you should keep hunting apps and webservices ;)

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Hello Master @chuuukie,
I would really want to say Thank You for asking about our opinion. Here is my opinion-

Well, To be honest when I joined Steemhunt in the July and that time I planned to sell the HUNT tokens as soon as the tokens will be listed on somewhere but as the time Passes and I read and observe more about this Amazing platform and I got to know the Power of this Platform.

There is no doubt Steemhunt has a huge potential to be a Amazing Project in the future and the price definitely gonna be Higher as the Team of Steemhunt is really dedicated including me as I am working here as an influencer from last 4 months.

Although, I don't have a Good Laptop right now and I wanted to sell but I will wait and I am not going to dump my Hunt tokens at $0.02 which I think it is the minimum price of Hunt tokens and it can be more as the development is going on and Review Hunt is also going to launch in the near Future and the traffic on the Platform is also increasing rapidly and new people are connecting with Steemhunt almost every day.

Still, I am trying my best to Accumulate more Hunt Tokens :grinning: No Sell Only Hold Until Steemhunt go to the Moon...
Thank You & I really appreciate your effort :-)

Thats a good news from you mate! Best one so far 😊

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I have my own calculation @chuuuckie :D

First, my priority is to sell, but not below $0.03. 25% to pay my debts (yes, it's still the dream, but maybe it can come true).

Second, ofcourse i will HODL, i collect it in almost one year,,, hahahha,,,,

Maybe something like this

25% - 50% to sell but i am promise myself not to sell it below $0.03, it will waste my effort hahahah

the rest token will be my saving, i am sure if @ideahunt already launched, a lot of adoption will come to steemhunt. But, let face @reviewhunt first....

sell all your token when the price at 0.03$, calprut!

You can hold token from @aamirijaz who will give 20k token for you, right? LOL

How about 10% for me ? :P

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First of all congratulations to team, you and all worthy people commented here who were there to support and believe in this amazing project SteeHunt.

I also believe in the potential of Steemhunt. There is no sanity to dump all tokens and there is no reason to hold all tokens either because market should be vibrant so that more people can be involved in trade.

I'll like to purchase products with 20-30 % of tokens I have. The remaining would be beneficial to keep some power in hand. I am fine with this idea.

Congratulations @chuuuckie!
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@chuuuckie Hello dear friend, excellent work as always. Congratulations.

Unfortunately I joined a little late steemhunt, I'm on the steemit platform almost from the beginning, I do not know how I passed the information. It is the only thing I have to repent, the rest I am very grateful.

What Steemhunt has done is something very worthy, worthy of giving respect and of feeling admiration, I feel blessed to be a small grain of sand of this huge mountain.

I believe and I am convinced that this is only the beginning of a huge rise in growth. although I live on the compenzaciones that I generate on the web. My hunting tokens stay in my wallet for a good time.

I wanted to invest about US $ 500, but I did not know how to operate in this last exchange platform, as you know, the chips were finished soon and I was left out of it. But there will not be an opportunity to make that investment.

I am very committed to the platform, every day I try to give my best, be active, vote and comment on good hunts.

Thank you very much for all the support you give to my presentations, I appreciate it dear friend

I wish you all the success you deserve and for a steemhunt full of success