Mexico expects investments of 80 billion USD in energy sector

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Mexico expects investments of 80.3 billion USD in energy sector, revealed the Minister of Energy of the country, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell. In his words, the total number of contracts in this field has already reached 199 with the participation of 125 companies.
The total value of 80.3 billion USD include investments in exploration and extraction of energy sources (59.5 billion USD), seismic safety work (2 billion USD), gas pipeline construction (12.2 billion USD) and development of renewable energy sources (6.6 billion USD). The figures were indicated by the minister in his statement to the Energy Committee of the Mexican Parliament.
Pedro Joaquin Coldwell also notes that with the development of "clean energy" Mexico expects 35% of the electricity used in the country to be generated from RES and especially from wind and sun.
Since December 2013, Mexico implemented energy reform, which for the first time since 80 years has allowed private investment in this sector.
Under the reform, the Pemex oil company and the National Electricity Company CFE were given the right to enter into contracts with private companies and to attract investment. It is about the development, extraction, transportation and processing of oil, natural gas and electricity.
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