RWM John Murchie's First Meeting

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We had our first meeting with John in the chair and all the new office bearers in their new post. It went well, so practising really does pay off!

No degree work tonight as we had a lot of business to see to. First of all, John Corbett installed the office bearers that weren't present at the installation in December. Great to see brethren taking up an office for the first time!

Bob McCulloch

We then had a ballot for an affiliation for Bob McCulloch. Bob's been attending the lodge for many years and is a strong supporter at all our meetings. Naturally the ballot was clear and this was followed by his being named as John's Depute Master, an honour well bestowed.

Tim Keen

Tim Keen then delivered the 1st degree tracing board lecture to our newest-made entered apprentice Stephen Judge. Nobody delivers long lectures quite so well as Tim, who also built all the props, including the keystones, the lewis known as St Peter's keys, the yoke and pulley and the Egyptian ankh. It really is a treat to watch and if you can ever make it when we're doing that again, you really should!

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