Let's take a walk through the story of Resident Evil 5 (Video Game)

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Hello steemians friends today I bring you another Capcom video game that will shake the video game market today I will talk about my analysis of the game immerse ourselves in the story.

After more than twenty-five hours killing zombies with no more sense than the guilty pleasure of destruction, some sadness for life wasted and the duty to analyze Resident Evil 6 my brain has run dry. That is why - if you allow me - I will resort to a cliché to tell you about this new delivery; after all, this saga has been using them for years and I will not be less. That said, there it goes: Resident Evil 6 is the equivalent in a videogame to the Frankenstein myth. ZAS!

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The reference is not free. The new super-mega-hyper-production of Capcom reminds me of the story of Mary Shelley for several reasons. The first of them is related to the excessive ambition with which Capcom seems to have wanted to face this development. We have been listening for months about the greatness of this company: six hundred people involved in the project, the largest production in the history of the company, three campaigns that added to make the title the longest in the series, a social network with statistics of players , helicopters that explode, bridges that are destroyed, zombie heads burst in millions of pieces ...

Do you want quantity? Come on! It's like in those restaurants that are promoted with phrases like "eat everything you want to burst." An ambition that in the end is an allegory of many of the bad vices of this generation, but that above all materializes in a game that seems made of pieces. Inconexo and full of scars, like the abominable creation of doctor Víctor Frankenstein, Resident Evil 6 - or Resident Duty 6 as I like to call it - is a great artifice of explosions and supposed momentazos that I imagine must arise from a market study, those looking for those elements capable of turning your product into a super-sales.

Studies that maybe can guarantee you 7 million copies sold, but that do not take into account the soul of the game, the same as missing Frankenstein and also the Ustanak brute, one of the abominations suffered from pieces to which we must kill a and again - because they never die - in Resident Evil 6.

Dissecting the creature from its different pieces we can identify its many errors, but also its virtues - which it also has. So, we could start talking about his approach and the decision to divide the story in three independent campaigns that cross, something that I personally find right. On the argument as such does not make much sense to enter the rag. We already know the saga and we are used to it.

Resident Evil is pure B-series, and its ridiculous story of three to four is what it has to be. As Tom Bissell says in reference to the plot of the saga in his essay Extra Lives, the argument is "so stupid that stupidity has become one of the hallmarks of Resident Evil." The same thing happens with this installment, which again raises the bar of the saga in this aspect, turning the story and its characters into a great dramatic parody about how this group of Japanese Capcom see all this zombies. It would not hurt the script to take himself less seriously and laugh a little more about himself, but when all you want is to shoot a few shots the argument and the countless ridiculous situations of Resident Evil 6 are the least of it.

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Now, what happens when the shots also fail? Here things get complicated. As you know in this sixth installment has disappeared any glimpse of that ancient survial horror to become a game of action 100%, but unfortunately - and however much I want it - this will never be the proper terrain of the saga. This ambiguity leads to a gameplay that is never quite solid and this is really deadly. The problem with the camera is one of the most obvious.

Most of the time the character occupies too much space on the screen, something that adds spectacular but that hinders vision. In Capcom have commented that they are aware of this problem, but in the final version of the game is still given as in the demo.

In some sections, such as the phases that take place in narrow corridors, the confusion that this bad camera brings us is more than remarkable. The inclusion, as in other installments of the saga, of a 180-degree fast-turn system would have solved the matter a bit, and although it can be done manually by repositioning the camera behind the character, it could still be better.

Despite these small technical failures, it would not be fair to forget that there are some really memorable shootings in the game, because there are some unfortunately not very frequent. I remember one in front of the church in the Leon campaign, or the first missions of Chris and Jake.

In fact, something I have noticed is that the best moments of the game are concentrated during the beginning of the three campaigns, then each one of them continues with two or three chapters of a lot of stuffing, and finally everything falls down in a whole chapter - and eternal - dedicated to defeating the final bad de rigueur. In any case, when Resident Evil 6 is comfortable is the shootings in the open, those in which we have enough space to move using the new movements of this delivery. That's why perhaps the best mode of the game is the now classic Mercenaries, the competitive mode in which we simply have to defeat the greatest number of creatures in a set time.

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Another of the most important news of this release is the predominance that now have the melee attacks, to the point that it is often more useful to face the zombies with punches than with weapons. Pressing R1 near an enemy our character will execute one of these melee attacks and the truth is that they are quite effective, especially if we want to kill the zombies that have fallen to the ground - and incidentally scream like savages when seeing the brutal mini-sequences of demolition.

The mechanics that arise from this combination of attack with weapons and melee is not bad, and it is true that sometimes the game reaches those moments of joyful pleasure guilty when we finish with hordes and hordes of zombies, but The game also continues to convey the feeling of being poorly polished. For example, having to press a contextual button to raise and lower a small platform, is to this type of old mechanics to which I refer. Things that caliber action games have been solved for years. And that without entering into the fact that despite appearing to strive to be varied Resident Evil 6 is completely repetitive.

In fact, it is when the game seems to want to offer something different when the Capcom train derails brutally and explodes. And we have not mentioned it yet, but the other big leg of the game, in addition to the action, are its numerous Quick Time Event chases and sequences, and this is where Resident Evil 6 really bites the dust dramatically. There are no words to describe how poorly designed these supposedly spectacular sequences are.

The game blatantly copies a thousand and one things from other great titles of adventure and action of this generation, but fails miserably in the attempt to create something really own. Just when the resource of the QTE begins to look like something obsolete Capcom has decided to fill their game of them, and has done so badly that they are probably the worst that have ever been seen.

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They are things that inevitably stand out in an ambitious game like this one, as it also happens with its technical section that, again, seems to be shattered. In fact, at a visual level we are facing a title that is a bit misleading.

Some things are at a great level, for example the fluidity and the stability of the framerate, or some distant scenarios, that look spectacular; others are moderately well, such as the modeling of the characters and the enemies (in spite of having a difference between the modeling of the game and that of the cinematics, something that we should also have overcome); but then, accompanying this supposedly great display, you find innumerable small visual defects, from very low quality textures, not very successful animations or, above all, many pre-recorded sequences that do not coincide at all with what you have done really or because of how they have killed you - they are things that are not seen in the trailers but show sloppiness and haste.

Capcom has not done well with this Resident Evil 6 and beyond that the game ends up selling much to the saga will cost to recover from this blow. The argument that it offers a lot of content - and it would be good not to confuse duration with replayability - is ambiguous to some extent, because yes, it can offer a very long campaign, but it does so by stretching the ridiculous a game that in many aspects is completely broken.

Leaving aside that within the genre of action games with zombies there are much better titles, if you really want to shoot without thinking about anything else this game may come to like you. But if the games matter to you beyond what would be a banal and mechanical entertainment to fill your free time, this does not go with you.

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Those of us who love the medium like to demand it, evolve and surprise us, and Resident Evil 6 is a formula that does not provide anything beneficial. Going back to Shelley's text we could ask ourselves, will Capcom make an ambition to create thinking more about sales than the player? Will the creature be revealed against its creator? At the moment we do not know the answer, only that yes, Resident Evil 6 has a lot of chicha, but very little truth content.

This is all for today I hope to see it tomorrow in my next publication if you liked my publication do not forget to give me your vote in support of my effort to bring you quality content.

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