Teach Your Kids #2 - The importance of Art and Craft

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Welcome to yet another article in "Teach Your Kids" series. As mentioned in my previous article, most of the inspiration for the kids comes from their parents. The kids start to learn new things by observing their parents. After a particular age, they get attracted towards the social components where friends play a vital role. After friends, they start chasing their area of interest and try to show more interest towards things they like the most. Art and Crafts are very important for kids. It need not necessarily be assumed as just an extracurricular but it is an important skill that every kid will need. Nowadays there are lots of craft and art classes emerging to teach them at a very young age. The main reason to have such craft classes is to engage the kids in a creative task and the next reason is to make them think in different ways. It is not an exercise for the kids alone, even parents will find it very useful. Facilitating the kids with the required materials is so much fun. Some parents even join with their kids to complete the craft work.

Creative Thinking

From the very young age, the kids are exposed to lots of things that make them think and be highly creative. A major boon that human beings have is the creative nature to think. Creativity can be defined and explained in different aspects. Some kids might be very good at designing things but some kids may lack the designing part but they can be very good at implementing the design. So the area of specialization differs from one kid to another. The sole phenomenon is to be more creative.

Teaching kids about the importance of Art and Crafts can help the kids be more creative from their very young age and they will be able to look for solutions to all the problems in their life in a creative way. This may not be helpful only for problems but for every single instance in their life, they will take steps in a creative way. For the kids level, crafts need not be very complicated. You can just start off with very simple things. You have to just motivate them to be creative and nothing more than that. The capabilities of each kid can also differ. It is absolutely okay to have that differences. Not every kid will be good at doing craft and artwork. The main take away from this is the creative thinking capability and their exposure to such fun aspects.

Art and Crafts add more fun

In young age, every kid will be very happy and amused to have lots of fun. Arts and crafts are the best way to keep them engaged. While playing with colours they get so much fun. Keeping the kids happy is the duty of the parents. While engaging the kids in productive activities, it is also important that they should have fun. Today in all the big corporate companies, the employees are given opportunities to do art and craft work as part of their business process improvement training. The reason is that they understand the importance of crafts to be more creative. Parents can use craft and artwork as a tool to keep the kids engaged for few hours. If you just give them a drawing book and make then sit in a corner, they will not disturb you for few hours. It will also be very interesting for them. You can relax for sometime when your kids are actually engaged in learning and doing something creative.

Aiming perfection

A person capable of doing craft works is also capable of doing anything with perfection. It is something that becomes as a practice for people to be a person who expects perfection in all the tasks they do. This can be considered as an influence from the craft works they do. If this skill is brought from childhood, the kids will learn to be a perfect person even after growing older. Performing every task with perfection is really a great skill.

Practice makes a man perfect
As per the above quote, a person attains the stage of perfection only by regular practice. If kids are given practice regularly on doing crafts, they gradually learn it and do it with perfection. The same perfection will also be reflected in the other tasks they perform. I'm not trying to say that perfection can be brought only through craft works. But what I'm trying to say here is that the kids can easily learn perfection with the help of crafts and artworks.

Creating a future architect

When kids are given the opportunity to do craft and artworks in their early age, they will have high opportunity to become an architect in the future. Their passion can automatically get inclined towards architecture designing. It need not necessarily be a construction field. Architectural skills are basically to do with creativity. They can even easily get into any type of designing which even include software designing. Instead of becoming a civil engineer or a civil architect they will also be able to become a software architect which also involves equal creative thinking.

As we all know a giant tree starts its journey only from a small seed. It is not right to expect every kid to be creative and perfect. By exposing them to art and craft out, we are just giving them an opportunity to chase their dreams. Even if they end up in a field that is completely opposite to arts and crafts, they will be able to exhibit perfect in the work they are doing.

Hope you had an interesting read. Meet you again in another article. Share your views in the comments section.

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Wonderful article you have there thanks for reminding us to invest on our children's minds

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