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  1. Distribution of data, loss of documentation and firm
    breach of security in one or another form
    conducts investigations on facts;
  2. Commercial secrecy and data security
    organizes service investigations on violations;
  3. Commercial secrecy and data security
    supply and protection regulations
    development of lists providing norms;
  4. On protection of commercial secrets
    control over observance of norms and rules;
  5. Ensuring security in organizations that are in conflict
    control over compliance with the rules of procedure;
  6. The essence of protection of commercial secrets
    propagation of information to workers;
  7. Metal enclosures with confidential documents
    and the organization and control of safes;
  8. Confidential information may be used by the technical means,
    control of computer equipment and so on;
  9. Criminogenic conditions in the environment
    security authorities and neighbors for the purpose of study
    Establish close contact with enterprise security agencies.
    As for security service duties
    These include:
  10. Information used in the business activities
  11. In the case of engineering-technical,
    legal and organizational documents and information
    organization of storage;
  12. Information that contains commercial secrets
    Organizational issues that prevent unauthorized access
  13. An unauthorized database of commercial secrets
    a security system that can block access
  14. In the process of action and emergencies occur
    leakage of information considered as commercial secret
    preventing the prevention;
    6.Building security in all types of negotiations
  15. From all kinds of danger of all types of property
  16. Management and leading experts themselves and
    Organization of protection of family members when necessary;
  17. Sales and marketing processes, marketing activities, etc. directions
    prevention of competitors' evil actions
    action in the direction of.
    Security service in its activities follows the instructions
    refers to:
    1.Registration and protection arrangements;
  18. Instruction on protection of commercial secrets;
  19. Monitoring the list of commercial information;
  20. List of confidential employees' information;
  21. Guidance on keeping confidential information in archive

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