The Curtains In A Modern Relationship Today

in steempress •  2 months ago

The first curtain draws itself when you 'match' on an app.

You guys chat.

If the chemistry is good, great! You guys can meet to converse in person.

The second curtain draws itself.

If the physical chemistry is there, that's great too. You guys can continue to date.

Or not.

Unfortunately, there're many more curtains today in a modern relationship.

All it takes is for them to follow you on social media.

Find a mutual friend.

They ask said mutual friend about you.

Should the communication there and then be broken apart, extra curtains will be put up once they start to judge you.

And then you need to work doubly hard, if you choose to.

We're that well-connected.

Yet at the same time, we are not.

It is sad because this is only the start of the relationship.

The curtains are all in our heads and in our eyes.

Use them well.

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