The Argument For Steempress in the Current Bear Market

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Alright, so unless you've been living under a rock...Steem and the overall Crypto/Bitcoin space is down in the gutters.It's so bad that STINC can't afford to keep the blockchain running at the current Steem prices. OK, I actually know a lot about tech - I work as a DEV OPS engineer at Microsoft. But, I leave all that behind when I enter Steemit. Here I'm just an adventuring and traveling dude who loves photography.

Hosted on my website

So, from what I gather...All this shit is hosted in AWS - Jeff Bezos be praised. Like all the images you upload or post on Steemit is stored in Amazon's Cloud. Now, I'm not against that. I've used AWS to alleviate some performance issues on my website in the past but what I've learned from it is...It fucking cost a LOT in the long run! Trust me. Even though its pennies per GB, it will add up quick! Even from a small website like mine Always Wanderlust expenses and costs go up very quickly.

I can only imagine the costs it would be to run all the image storage requirements for! Now there are some complaints about the resolution of people's previous posts on Steemit....Yes, they have to scale back so cutting back on storage is the way to go! Expect more of this to happen very soon...

So what does all this have to do with Steempress?

Simple. All post and articles posted to Steemit using Steempress keep the IMAGES hosted in the original website where it was posted!

Hosted on my website

This is important in that it doesn't upload more data to the Amazon Cloud that will costs Steemit Inc more expenses. The blogger or poster maintains the costs of the data storage. So, for me - all my images are hosted on my Domain - Always Wanderlust - I pay for it and therefore put less strain on the Steemit blockchain than bloggers who upload all their images to Steemit.

Hosted on my website

I probably opened a can of worms with this post but you're always welcome to refute my opinions.

In short - host your own images. Create a website/blog and host it yourself - use Steempress and hope this shit survives to revolutionize the web.

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THere is no such thing as free lunch.

My favorite quote. Every day, whenever I see word "free" it makes me cautiuos. And this has concerned me quite a bit since my day one here on Steemit. When you think you can get something for FREE, you do not much more but fooling yourself.
My !tip for this wormcan.

True that!

I've already been doing that since April. My pics are on Flickr. It has served me well up to this point. From the beginning of next year, they will charge for having more than 1000 pics hosted but I'm fine with that.

By the way, could you provide link to that post of yours where you reviewed camera stands costing less than $100 but of decent quality? I tried to look for it but didn't find it.

Travel Tripods Under $100

AWS isn't cheap! Flickr is free up to a certain point :)

You know what.. I have my own wordpress website that I'm not really active in recent months.. Gotta do that now.

The less we rely on to do everything the better it is for everyone in the end.

I'll see how many posts I can publish without ever pressing that "post" button on steemit.

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I can foresee that in the near future the condenser will serve as a wallet only.

Other frontends are much better, they are maintained and developed and improved upon. And they already host the images elsewhere.

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So happy to know I'm not alone. was fun while it lasted but it's time for true steem decentralization to happen. Sure it's gonna be a mess and groups will spilt off but isn't that the nature of it?

Personally I'm still waiting for a Medium copycat to happen.

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There is Blogger but Google decided not to improve on it. Medium is OK, I share all my posts there too via a plugin.

Yep I love @share2steem because of the Medium plugin. Gives me reason to post normie posts there on my phone.

Whenever people ask me Blogger or WP ill just say don't bother with Blogger lol

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I use fairly often just because because. But it seems like no matter what platform I post from or what web site I host the image on, STEEM is pulling a copy over to AWS. I'd be really okay if they weren't doing this. Even your images display from I'm reading (and writing 99%) from Steempeak. So? I dunno but it doesn't seem like the STEEM infrastructure is working quite as we would expect. Also, Is steemitimages the cover for AWS?

That was a really interesting thought, haven't thought about it... I just upload the pictures happily without considering that someone actually has to pay for the fun!

There is for sure money to save on this, but I guess storing images on your own will make it way to complicated for an average blogger who just wants to share stuff on Steemit and earn some dollars. So, the solution needs to be solved here on Steemit, not by all users fixing their own solution somewhere. If I have to upload all images to a third-party, it will be time demanding as well.

But, since I also use SteemPress it isn't so messy since they do the job for me anyway. But, for those publishing directly to Steemit, the solution needs to be found here on the platform and not somewhere else!

Then it's time to up your blogger game!😂✌️

The real "average blogger" uses a free WordPress website after all. Plus it's super fun to use the WP interface.

Take your time to look into @steempress or @vornix and see if you're still not sold on having your own personal corner on the internet.

Like... How cool to have your own know what I'm saying? Or better yet, your own name(like mine,!!!

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In a perfect world that wouldn't be the case, but it certainly is exposing some issues about the blockchain.

It surely does... I just think that the purpose of a blogging platform is that you can do it all in one place. If I need to use Wordpress to publish stuff to Steem, it is already an inconvenient solution that will make it complicated to publish. I run tens of Wordpress sites, but if I have to spend 3-4 minutes extra every time I publish a Steemit post by uploading my photos manually to Wordpress, that is 3-4 minutes I'd rather not spend doing so.

But, everything isn't perfect, I get that, so momentarily, it serves as a good solution, but it isn't a good permanent solution!

I host all my own pictures as well and embed the links directly into my posts . The problem is that steemit still cache them anyway and then reference the cache rather than my site so it does not save any space (try changing the photo behind one of your links on the original blog and keeping the file name the same; it wont change on steemit). This is made even worse now they pull them at 640px on steemit - the other front ends are better and use higher res versions. I wrote about this here

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i was very exited to read this thank you good work thank you

Good job @adonisabril excellent photography!!

I agree with your premise of users paying for their own image storage. But as you probably know the free usage being removed from users will probably make this platform even more of a ghost town.

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Wow!!! This is Colourful

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