The Second Papal Decree of Steem Pope Jacob

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Steem Pope Hat

In order to fulfil my sacred duties as Steem Pope, I hereby issue this second decree for the enlightenment of the masses.

Exhorting the Congregation

Reply to some of posts the posts you read! Leave a substantive comment, whether it is a compliment or a criticism. Create conversations. That is the real purpose of social media. We are a community, not a money-making machine. The love of Steem is not the root of all evil, but it can blind you to your greater purpose here if you esteem the Steem above other Steemians.

Blessings Upon the Faithful

Let the following good people henceforth be listed among the faithful:

May the Blockchain bless you and keep you. May your posts be upvoted at 100% power, and may flags be kept at bay.

The scope of the Steem Papacy

The Steem Pope's authority extends only to providing absolution for grammatical shortcomings through indulgences, authority to bless other claims to aristocratic title on the platform, and the right to chastise witnesses should their actions transgress against the best interest of the Steem community.

The title confers no authority regarding any religious practices. However, it would be safe to say that idolatry regarding Steem is still going overboard. Steem is great, but beware of becoming "preachy" on the subject of cryptocurrencies.


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Brian: I'm not the Messiah!
Arthur: I say you are, lord, and I should know, I've followed a few!


Monty Python reference achieved. Bless you.


Thank-you Padre, I'll go and sit with the cheese-makers.

Reply to some of posts the posts you read!

Does the Steem pope have to seek an indulgence from the Steem pope in response to this grammatical shortcoming? Can there not be one infallible human in the world?

Alas, there can not.


See my introduction post. I specifically exempted my own grammatical failings.

Your vigilance is commendable, however. Perhaps I should appoint you as a Grammatical Cardinal.



Further, the Steem Pope shall be immune to all accusations of these selfsame sins.

I clearly have not studied thy holy scriptures diligently enough and may still be unworthy of such a title.


Hey, I appointed myself Pope despite my own laxness.