What do you think of @trafalgar idea?

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Read https://steemit.com/steemit/@trafalgar/a-problem-in-the-economics-of-steemit

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3. It Depends

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I whole heartily disagree with it and I'll leave the comment I left there here.

Wouldn't allocating 3% more to authors and witnesses achieve the same but keep the functionality of Steem Power? Steem Power has uses which aren't trivial.

@steemit Inc has stopped powering down. This indicates to me that 1.5% interest isn't negligible even for the richest Steemian.

@demotruk's comment on the 1.5% interest and its implications for Steem's economy should also be keep in mind when discussing this issue.

Also can we really revote with 1/13th of the Steem? This means payout period can be longer than 7 days? Or am I missing something else?

Would totally use something like this.

Depends clarification: my opinion hinges on how the control of the funds is implemented.

Well, I went to vote on this poll, but it says my 'voting weight is too low', and it wouldn't allow me to vote! lol. It makes no mention of how much voting power one needs in order to cast a vote, but I can't for the life of me imagine why this makes any sense. I'll save my rant until I hear back, in case this is a mistake. Currently, my voting power is at 42.89%

Edit: I tried again, and this time it worked. Not sure what that was about. :/

Here's my It depends:

If we want to make a change at the blockchain level for the reasons cited in @trafalgar's post, how could we earmark that percentage to Steemit Inc. development only? ...considering Steemit.com is only one application on the Steem blockchain, albeit the flagship application.

If anything, wouldn't you take that percentage to fund development across the whole Steem blockchain, including, but not limited to Steemit Inc.? e.g. Steepshot, busy.org, etc.

Secondly, didn't we just introduce 'Reward Splitting' with HF18 which would allow for Steemit Inc. to take a small percentage of every Steemit user's rewards as a fee for using the service? Wasn't this feature designed precisely to create a revenue model for Steem based apps, such as Steemit.com? Personally, I'd be totally fine with Steemit Inc. taking 1.5% or any percentage they could justify, for funding continued development of their service, rather than asking the 'entire steem blockchain' to essentially tithe a portion of everyone's rewards to Steemit Inc. I would be happy with Steemit Inc. taking this percentage especially because they are the flagship app, and their success will inevitably help buoy the development of other apps on the Steem blockchain.

I voted yes. Does that mean I agree with the proposal? Because I do.