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This has to be one of the best Steemit Extensions Ever!

Steem Plus is an Chrome extension that adds information and abilities to the website. It is very useful and innovative, giving the user the data they need to make good decisions on this platform.

Here are some of the features added to the Steemit experience with this extension, featuring my friend @simms50.

A Vote Slider for Red Fish!

Normally Steemians have to have 500+ SP to get the percentage vote slider, but with this extension, it's available for everyone!

Also your vote value is given in plain view, so you can determine the percentage that would be most appropriate.

Are You Human? Let's find out!

Every post and comment will give users the ability to determine if the person is a person or a bot. Apparently @ironshield is 4.10% bot, 5.20% spammer and 90.70% human. Fair enough, I guess.

Send your Friends a Tip

We all encourage generosity on Steemit, both in giving and receiving. This extension makes it easier to give, just by clicking on their name.

Like what someone is posting? Click on their name and an option for TIP appears. Click on the amount, or type in an amount and it will tip that in SBD. Cool!

Also notice that you can see if that person is following you or not.

Detailed Vote and Resteem Information

Who upvoted your post? How much is their upvote worth? Would you like to see the entire list, not just the top voters? Here it is!

That @ironshield is cheap... 1% what's wrong with that guy?

Who resteemed your post? Just click on the carrot next to the resteem icon and find out!

This is useful to know how many people resteemed and who resteemed.

Boost Any Post

Want to promote someone's post? Want to promote your post? Do it with just a few clicks!

At the bottom of every post, a new button appears called "BOOST". Clicking on this allows you to send SBD (through SteemConnect) to either @minnowbooster or @smartmarket.

Paying $0.10 for a $0.06 upvote doesn't sound like that great a deal.

Extra Links on the Menu

The extension adds a convenient link to the internal market and gives a quick STEEM and SBD price to see at a glance. Useful!

Search Box

Instead of directing you to a different page with search results, Steem Plus will give you the results in a drop-down menu.

Extra Information on the Blog Heading

A convenient status symbol right on your blog header.

I'm not just a minnow... I'm a minnow II.

More detailed information, such as exact reputation, number of actual posts (not posts and comments) and a "more information" icon.

I'm so close to 100%, I can almost taste it!

See at a glance a Steemian's Voting Power, voting value and when the VP will be restored to 100%.

New Wallet Features

A convienient Delegation button has appeared, allowing Steemians to delegate their SP to other accounts and projects.

Why the big negative number? See a Steemian's delegations, both incoming and outgoing! Also cancel a delegation with a single click.

These are all of my delegations, friendly towards all of them!

Real-Life Practical Wallet Accounting

We all know the numbers in our wallet are not exactly accurate, since the platform calculates SBD as always being worth one dollar. This extension uses Bittrex to calculate the true value of your STEEM/SBD.

I have $345 less real-life value in my wallet than it appears.

Transaction History Filtering

Finally! A way to hide those annoying $0.001 transfers with spam messages! Just filter the spam out of your transaction history and keeps those 1/10 pennies.

The SPAM filter works great. It's really good at identifying which transactions are SPAM and which are legit.



A new Menu Full of Features

Information is key to Steemit. The more you know, the more informed decisions you can make. Steem Plus adds easily accessible information at your fingertips.


See all your hard-earned badges from, right within!


Make informed decisions about who to vote for witness. All the information you need is before you.

I'm voting for an inactive witness? Ut Oh! Better fix that.

@jackmiller is ranked #47 and just processed a block one hour ago. The whole time he's been a witnesses, he's only missed four blocks... that's excellent.

Up and coming witnesses to watch.

Reward Details

Ever wonder where those tiny curation rewards come from? What post paid out? Find out here!

Pending Rewards

This extension will tell you what SBD and SP is estimated to arrive.

See Your Vote History

See your outgoing and incoming votes.

Thanks @simms50 you are more generous that I am!


This is a very useful page to see what posts and comments have mentioned your name. I mention my name a lot in comments. Pretty much all the time. :-) @ironshield

Who's talking about you? See it all right within

This is only about 70% of the new features added from Steem Plus

A few more include:

  • Gif search and insert feature for posts and comments
  • Add beneficiaries when you post - donate your rewards to another account
  • Create a 'signature' for your posts that is automatically added at the end
  • quickswitcher between and
  • enhanced filtering for your feed
  • select favorite accounts to appear at the top of your feed
  • when making a post, the preview appears to the right, instead of underneath
  • a floating vote bar, to see information and upvote before reaching the bottom.

Whew, that's a lot!

That is a lot of features in a single Chrome extension. I may have missed some features, let me know if I did.

Many thanks to @adsactly for creating this amazing extension.


Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of four wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Steemit enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!

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Thanks for this very in-depth review of our extension! Glad you like it!

I just added this extension. Really liking it so far. It's making the dashboard much more user friendly with a ton of new features. Now I don't have to have steemworld open all the time to look for mentions. This is for sure step forward for this platform. Thanks for sharing it @ironshield!


Glad you're liking it. There are more features than I could even highlight here! It is sort of like integrating the information of steemworld into @ironshield

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WOW! I would love if my upvote was worth more so I could reward this awesome informative post! Now, you called it a chrome extension. Does that mean I need a computer(not mobile) to use this steem plus?


Computer only for now, but we're currently working on an Android version


If you are using chrome on your phone, I think you can install this extension.



Good news, you are Human! @ironshield

Awesome. Re-steemed and I hope you get lots of views.


Thank you very much! @ironshield

Very good innovations. I do not have any applications yet and I get information from different sources. It will be great if all comes together in one!)


I'm glad this is useful for you! @ironshield

Great overview and breakdown of the core features of SteemPlus. I had somebody just yesterday asking me for a review of this extension, so I'll just resteem yours. :)


Thank you @brandonfry, I appreciate the resteem! @ironshield

Installed it before I even finished reading all its features. Thanks for putting it on my radar.


Have fun discovering all the improvements! @ironshield


Glad you like it! Thank @steem-plus

Greetings bro, is this only available on "chrome"? Not on Edge or Firefox? Blessings and upvoted!


It's a chrome Opera and Firefox extension.


As far as I know, it's Chrome only. We may see a Firefox version in the future. Thank you for your support! @ironshield

Wow that IS a lot!! I really wish these amazing new features can be added onto an iPhone! I’m always on the go and always on the move around the house so I am barely stationed at our PC. Thanks so much for sharing this though. This is motivating me to want to use our PC more now! 😃


Glad you like it! We are currently working on an Android version since lots of users on the platform can't afford a computer. iOS might be a future development as well but probably not anytime soon


I’ll definitely be looking out for the iOS version should it come out :)


It's like Steemit Version 2.0 @ironshield


That’s what it look likes!! 😄

Thanks for the shout out my friend! And thanks to your excellent review I have installed the plugin however for Firefox instead of Chrome. I don't like that I had to use a couple of other hopefully I can do it all from one!


Although after a little testing the vote slider didn't come up at I guess I won't be able to use that feature!


The slider won't show if you have less than 500Sp (due to steemit interface). But you can still chose your voting power and cast a vote from the extension popup.


Hmm. That's one of their best features. Check out @steem-plus for some support. I think they are on discord also. Support is usually excellent. @ironshield

good grief this thing is amazing! thanks so much for letting us know about this.


I hope it's useful for you. @ironshield


yes sir, well looks like it can greatly improve efficiency!

Me parecio exelente tu post amigo , gracias por recomendar esta extensión la verdad me sera muy útil. Te e dejado un voto positivo .


I've seen the "adverts" for this extension a lot. May give it a shot.

On the joking side, you are only 90% human? Red flags. :P


Nah he's human with a 90% certitude ;p


This extension is very much worth installing. For the record, I'm actually 100% human. @ironshield

thanks for posting so much detail about this chrome extension. I will try it out as it seems pretty useful.


It's very useful. Enjoy the extension. @ironshield

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I was just found what i want to know you explain each and everything thank you for sharing and explaining each part of steemplus!

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I have upvote you in your post please doo the same for me....

Absolutely awesome, valuable & details post on #SteemPlus. I recently added this extension to chrome and I noticed a lot the features mentioned herein. This article gives to detailed and precise information that all Steem'ers should read.