SteemPH collaboration with Project Alinaga: "Isang araw na yakap, gamit ang sining at musika"

in steemph •  10 months ago

Reminding everyone this coming Saturday in Caloocan City...

This will be the first collaboration between #SteemPH and Marlon Ponsoy aka @flabbergast-art. Called Project Alinaga, themed after Marlon's indigenous musical group Tribo Alinaga. 

Why Alinaga?

This is an Ilocano word which means "the first ray of the rising sun". Hearing Marlon speak of his works and his group, his passion for his roots and culture is very much palpable in his every word. From his works, his talent can't be denied and his love to reach and help all the unprivileged Filipinos in our society. 

On his Project Alinaga:

Isang pagpapasalamat sa isang taong biyaya at pagbabahagi sa kapwa habang papalapit ang Pasko.
Isa ring layunin nito ay ang maipamulat sa mga kabataan at sa mga sasama sa mga projecto ang kagandahan ng isang buhay maging ito man ay may kapansanan, matatanda at mga batang kalye na pinabayaan ng magulang.

According to Marlon, Project Alinaga is to show awareness to the youth and for those volunteers to see the beauty of one's life regardless of special conditions, old age and for the street kids who were neglected by their parents.

Music and arts


For this Saturday, there will be 80 special kids in attendance with 10 special education teachers and about 22 volunteers.  Thankfully for the great number of volunteers, this lessen the number of kids per each group, so as attention can be given fully.

Lunch and snacks will be provided this Saturday. And all kids will be gifted with coloring books and crayons at the end of the session.


Halina't yakapin ang mga espesyal na mga bata
Maging kuya at ate sa loob ng isang araw
Ibahagi ang sarili maging bata muli.....   ---Marlon Ponsoy

ALINAGA. Like the first ray of the rising sun, it is meant to inspire and give HOPE to those unloved and unprivileged people in our society.

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Nice project, good luck with it. Resteemed


Thank you very much, and for the resteem. Cheers!

great. great .. really amazing


Thank you for the support.


Yes, you are welcome.
I will be your most faithful followers

Love to see collaboration and project like this, very creative group of steemian.


Well you can join and help in whatever capacity that you can offer. Esp for Pinoys.

ALINAGA. Like the first ray of the rising sun, it is meant to inspire and give HOPE to those unloved and unprivileged people in our society.

Love the explanation, Project Alinaga and @SteemPH off to inspire and love <3


All from Marlon :)

Isang makabuluhang proyekto para sa mga taong tinatawag nating espesyal. Mabuhay kayo!


Mabuhay tayo ate..lahat ng sumusuporta ay kasama sa mga gustong ipalaganap at ipatupad ng #SteemPH

Such a wonderful project! Keep it up! Spread the good vibrations!


Watch this space..

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I upvoted this


Thank you very much.
-from #SteemPHFamily

Ooo nice projeci, very good luck :)

hi steemph, interesting work you done.
visit my page on this link, i want support from you as a new commer thanks.

Nice to learn that new word and good job. :)


Ang lalim na llocano ate..even i have not heard it used before lolss

"the first ray of the rising sun"

Nagimas. Haan ko ammo ata nga word. Now I know. Sayang di ako naka-attend. :(


There will always be another one so long as we have funds manang...join ka na talaga next time or next next time :)