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Madayaw Davao!

As part of your @steemph family's effort to reward awesome content creators, @steemph.curator has been launched. In line with this, @steemph.davao will now have a daily post featuring contents from the Davao Region.


The Criteria:

  • Author is from the Davao Region (and neighboring provinces that are not yet under any other SteemPH regional arm)
  • Over 300 Words
  • Use of Basic Formatting
  • At Least 3 Photos Used to Complement the Text
  • Clarity (thought organization and overall presentation)

Post #1

Note: The photo was sourced from the post

Summary: In this post, our beautiful young artist from Davao proves she's not just a pretty face. @hiddenblade is not just gifted in the Arts but generous too, as she shares tips on how you can become a better artist. She gives us her top 10, that includes Reasearch, Practice, and Believing in Oneself. Head on to her post to get the full list and to see some of her incredible artworks.

Post #2

  • Author: @who.bhadz
  • Link: Who is this Bhadz
  • Number of Words: Over 400
  • Count of Photos: 5 pictures
  • Clarity: Very Good
  • Formatting: Good. You may also check on Lesson #1 by @steemnest to discover more ways to align images and use other text formats

Note: The photo was sourced from the post.

Summary: @who.bhadz is a Dabawenyo, who just recently signed up for an account. Our author has done well with his introductory post as he is quite detailed in telling us about himself. In his post, he shares that he has been doing research on beautiful places that aren't famous yet and promises to visit those places so he can write about them and expose their beauty one by one. We look forward to seeing those write-ups, @who.bhadz. Welcome to Steemit!

Post #3

Note: The photo was taken from the post.

Summary: In her post, our lovely Dabawenya shares her fantastic experience in one of Samal Island's renowned resorts, Secdea. The scenic views in the pictures she includes in this post will make you understand why she highly recommends the place. If you happen to be in Davao and would also want experience Secdea Beach Resort, @joville left instructions on the post as to how to get there.

This is @steemph.davao's initiative to provide additional exposure to budding Steemians who exert effort to create awesome contents.

Follow @bayanihan to view the work of exceptional talents from the Philippines!

If you would like to support initiatives on community building and enrichment, kindly check out @steemph, @steemph.cebu, @steemph.iligan, @steemph.davao and @steemph.manila

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Congrats sa mga na-feature! God bless everyone. :)