My first witness project, in the works.

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So, as I posted in my last blog... I live in Cebu, Philippines for over 5 years now.

Since I have been here, Filipinos have been extremely friendly, and accommodating and this is one way in which I can give back to the local community.

I will be sponsoring a Cebu Steemit Convention (Exact date is yet to be determined).

BeFunky Design.jpg

In this convention, we will be teaching local Steemians on the intricacies of the platform, while making it fun. So far, some topics I would like to cover will be;

  • Basic Steemit usage, and etiquette
  • Curation/Voting
  • Blogging layouts, using Markdown
  • Witnesses, and their roles/responsibilities
  • The importance of reinvesting in yourself and your friends
  • The future plans, and upcoming changes to Steemit
  • How to simply educate the community, on what Steemit is

These are just a few topics I plan on covering, and hopefully I will be able to find some Philippine based guest speakers/witnesses to help me speak at this event. (I will pay for your flight, and hotel/food expenses).

As for the not so technical, but equally as important part of any conference, we have to keep it fun. We will be holding live blogging events for SBD prizes on-site.

Some contests we may include at the conference;

  • Speed Drawing
  • Photo Editing
  • Dancing/Singing
  • Talent Contest

As I have mentioned before, this is a 100% free event for anyone in the Philippines to attend. If you want to come from outside of Cebu, I am sure the community can host you for the evening. Just give a shout-out if you are interested.

Voting for a witness is Very important and free If you would like to help me, help you;

Step 1; open this link-

Step 2; type my name rcarter.witness and click on vote :D xd.jpg

And a shout-out to @purepinay for organizing this event.

Hope to see 100's of you here in Cebu!



This is great of you to do! I hope to come to the Philippines one day! Followed and upvoted

Thanks a lot!

It's a great place here, I have been here for over 5 years.


I hope there is one for the Steemit Users in Cagayan de Oro too

There you go, there is your first project :)

You are both from CDO, you should meet for coffee and start a CDO group.

Keep me up-to-date if you meet!



Oh thank yooou

Great to see you join the SteemPh wagon @rcarter.witness
Wishing you all great success on you convention :)

If you have Discord we should have a chat and plot great things for The Philippines.

- Your SteemPH Family @bearone

Happy happy, joy joy :D

I'm really interested. I know about the "No exact date yet" but is it a day convention or days? Would love to know the estimated day/s for this convention and I would like to lend a hand. If there's anything that I can do- not financially though. Still making my way up.

No worries about not helping financially. That is why I would like to help... So everyone can reinvest their earnings into themselves.

As for the estimated days, we will be going to Thailand next week until the first week of November, and @surpassinggoogle isn't sure yet if he can attend.

Ideally, we would like to fit this around his schedule, and 100% will do it before Christmas. I would like to see end of November, up to the first week of December come to fruition.

For now, we are getting numbers, and @purepinay is planning it all. If you would like to help her, I am sure she could use it. She gets overwhelmed easily lately... Taking in too much Steemit, in such a short period of time.



Thanks, Rob. I will. I hope to talk with @purepinay soon so we could discuss the things that we need to do. I may help her through online for now since I am not from Cebu.


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