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They want war against China because it is a "THREAT"? Why exactly would China want to bomb us anyway? To destroy and take over a friendly country? Then what?

Unlike the US, China's economy does not depend on its military and weapons industry and imperialist foreign policy.
They historically earn through trade which war will only disrupt.

What need is there to "take over" the Philippines when Chinese already OWN most of the economy? Thus, it is in their best interest to help us on the road to stability and progress. That is why China has been helping us and will never invade us.

Although the sovereignty issue is certainly a matter to discuss, the reality is that the islands in the Spratleys are primarily to STRATEGICALLY DEFEND their HUGE territory against a REAL and PROVEN AGGRESSOR.

It is not like the brazen occupation of Palestine and the seizure of the Golan heights by Israel "for security reasons" which has caused massive displacement and misery to MILLIONS of innocent civilians.

They pose no practical problems for us and can also theoretically serve to defend us. unlike the former US bases or even the EDCA we have with the US.

We will not be bedeviled by prostitution and abusive foreign troops or even their presence and influence in our military camps and politics. If the US won't even sell us rifles in our time of need, what the hell do we need them to have their armories and presence in our military camps anyway?

DId not the former US faggot Ambassador even distinctly threaten the President that the US would oust him in 1 year and a half? With friends like these, who needs enemies?

China is not going to use us to fight against the US even as the US is obviously supporting the corrupt Opposition to egg us on to fight with China. They can take care of themselves. Can the same be said of the US?

The US cannot, dare not, has not and will not do anything itself except make loud noises. Would we even gain anything for siding with them? Would the Opposition then become partners for progress rather than the major obstacles they now are?

The Opposition is a much bigger and imminent threat than China, and even worse, have done nothing for the country except to plunder it.

They have been bringing up this NON-ISSUE with the full support of the MSM as if the survival of the country depends on it. The truth is that they are just desperately clutching at straws to divert attention from their misdeeds because their dramatic actors like Sereno, Trililing, Pangilinan, Robredo and the rest of the Senate clowns just don't cut it any more.


RevGov anyone?


How far are we till RevGov?

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