Travel blog #1: Exploring Crocolandia Farm in Cebu, Philippines

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Dear steemians,

Before anything else, I am glad to received my first pay-out for 7 days only. Thanks to @smaeunabs for introducing me here in steemit and @jassennessaj @davidconstantine for the rewards from the contests. I assure you guys part of the money and more to come will secured for the community service to our beloved filipinos. To my steemians and techno family @aljoursantillan @nikkabomb @ja9garnett @danyopana12 for being supportive ever.

Here we go. I am your traveller guide for today and let us explore the beauty of the man made CROCOLANDIA FARM
Welcome picture with huge crocolandia, sorry for the haggard face

Me and my family are first time to travel in the zoo or farm ever. Big animals, reptiles or amphibians can be seen only in the books, movies and television. But now the excitement freeze us when we reach our destination.

Way back history
Since I am interested to know the background of the sanctuary, I interviewed the caretaker.

According to him that Crocolandia Farm named after Magellan and Lapu-Lapu. Wait, you heard it right but not in the prehistoric times it was only named after them. The piece of land in Talisay, previous a turtle farm until one day during World War II it become home for Magellan. Magellan is a crocodile and a four foot five year old who lay an egg, revealing her true gender, which dramatically surprised by everyone. A family of animal lovers made Magellan as a pet and was quickly given a boy named Lapu-Lapu. From then on Magellan and Lapu-Lapu produced many healthy offspring that later made families own and increasing the population of their kind.
This made the owner of the farm by Mr. Go Ching Hai and friends decided to share their love of animals with the rests of Cebu, Phillipines and named it Crocolandia farm.

Wooh! Thats pretty long story. Kudos to the owner

But due to their pure heart to the animal kingdom they founded a foundations called Crocolandia Foundations Inc.

Crocolandia Foundations , Inc. Dedicated to its mission in providing a shelter for nature neglected animals. The foundations endeavor to enlighten the community through awareness and information of important facts about nature which eventually help them preserve and conserve the environment. If you are a kind hearted person willing to join the foundations you may call and register to 63322731842 any donations or sponsorship are much appreciated. Sad to say the government does not support the farm.

How to get there[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 10.235110 lat 123.792872 long Crocolandia Farm: It is more fun in the Philippines d3scr)

Crocolandia is located in Biasong, Talisay City takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour travel from Cebu City proper found in semi secluded area in Biasonhg, Talisay City. Estimated taxi fare is P 180.00 from Cebu City proper. If you want to ride in a jeepney you can take Talisay route ay minimum rate of P 15/head fare and once you reach the main markey of the city you can take a tricycle to reach there at minimum price of P 20/head.

Another way is to ride on the My Bus aircon located in the sm or any signs with this bus routing to SRP talisay and drop off the corner of Biasong.

Entrance fees
When you enter in the gate you will meet the receptionist where you pay your entrance fee.
Their entrance fee costs only P100.00 pesos every adult person while below 12 years of age will pay half of the price.



This mini hallway bring you to the reality and one step closer to the crocodile


  • First stop: the crocodile sleeping and hide. OMG! I see the structure of a a cute baby crocs*

Close up picture of baby crocodile

(Ahas ka lang)
First time to meet phyton snake

BIRDS SANCTUARIES: different species of birds
Meet the writhed new hornbill

beautiful in white talking parrot
forget the name

Other exotic animals

the long necked ostrich - first time to meet


oh my DEER- Santa reindeer
Green Iguana
Scientific name: Iguana Iguana
(Come here my baby tortoise)

Well, aside of the pics posted there are many varieties of species of birds, reptiles and amphibians are said to be as endagered species only found here in in the Crocolandia farm.



After passing by the mini hallway the selected animals where the variety of preserve bones of crocodiles and deers being displayed. You can also see the lizards, tortoise and variety of birds. The animal bones are well preserved for the documentations and study purposes.


The playground area is not big but quite enough for your kids to enjoy. Seeing kids enjoyung is something the oarents would love to watch.

Inside, the crocolandia grill offers variety of foods for the guest.

the faces after the one hour walk
hurray for today
oh yes, love the animalandia

Trivia: Did you know that the 3rd world largest crocodile can be found here?
Yes meet Lapu-Lapu crocodile a 5 foot long that 4.5meters. Its just 1000 kilograms feeds with two chicken per week and said to be living for 50 yeats of existence


After the close encounter with the animals, landscapes, museum, playground and restautants you mihhy be interested with having a relaxation while sitting at the park and watching rare, big and colorful fishes in the swimming pond. The park is quite where you can listen the sound produced by the animals and that guatantee a wildlife experiences.

My today's experience is so pretty amazing to meet all the animals especially the 3rd world largest saltwater crocodile. A little bit shaky because only see them in a movie as a predator hunting the characters of the movie. I observed the real crocodile characteristics and somehow same as mine. As research shown, all crocodiles are characterized by a lizardlike shape and a thick skin composed of close set overlapping bony plates. A crocodile physical traitor allow it to be a successful predator.
To see is to believe most of the travel blogger and reviewers give a low rating about the zoo. The purpose and good intentions of a zoo its about learnings especially to all the the students.
Home is the best place one earth
Here in the zoo, the animals are well take good care with a caretaker. I really felt that the animals are longing for their families.
No man nor and animal can live alone no need for xplanation.
Concern and action is a powerful combination

For this travel from (1-10) giving them my 8 points since they need some improvements of the sanctuary especially to the cages of the birds.

Hope you enjoy and learn something in my first ever travel blog. If you are interested to visit then you call for a reservations in the number stated above.

Thank you guys and Happy New Year to all steemians community.

Loving you all, @jonnahmatias1016


This is very cool ! Wow that python snake is huge OMG !! good thing its in a cage lol! thanks for sharing , Great job on your first travel post !! Upped and resteemed for you !👌✌👍🐍🐊🐍🐊🐍🐊🐍🐊🐍

Wow. I am so very happy maam @karenmckersie for your support.Indeed, its my honor to be your follower and helping other too. God bless to you.

Awe , thank you ! 💕👌👍✌😀

Happy new year to you maam and I knkw 2018 will be our great year.

It takes a lot of money to provide good habitats for wild animals... money that is usually always hard to come by. Oh, that picture before the Ostrich... it is a "Peacock." Nice photos. P.S. There is no such thing as a "cute" crocodile! lol

Thank you for appreciating the beauty of the crocolandia farm. Actually they founded an foundatuins for the sanctuary. Yeah, thank you sir now i know.
They called as baby crocs. @retiredinsamar

Your from samar philippines sir @retiredinsamar ??

Recently been splitting time between Samar and Guam.

really nice meeting you sir @retirednsamar. Kabayan pala kita.

@jonnahmatias1016, I know where this place is but I never had the chance to see the beauty of the zoo. But with your blog, it makes me wanna go there right now. hahaha Good job!

Haaha @nikkabomb nosebleed ko niks oi sa imo english. Well anyway, you must visit then you will amased jud ni Lapu Lapu perting dakoa.

shudi nosebleed2x @jonnahmatias1016. You did a great job in your first ever travel blog jo. 🙌🏻👍👏🏻 I'm so proud of you!!! Keep it up!

Hahaahahha nosebleed ka jan na english pka bya ra ako english. Hahah matsalam @nikkabomb. Happy new year

hahahaha limited jd? d mn gd. happy new year @jonnahmatias1016

Happy new year @nikkabomb .. lab yowwww....hehhehe

happy new year jo 🎊🎈🎉🍾🙌🏻

Cool post with a lot of great pictures!

Yeah many species of animals can be found in crocolandia.

great post keep up the great work

Thank you my dear @xenomic. Nice meeting you.

I loved this post! I don't know if I'll ever go to the Philippines, but if I do, I will be sure to visit Crocolandia!

I recommend you to visit our country because of the many tourists spots and soon I will be featuring soon. Yeah please visit the farm of crocodiles.

Yes, you Visit in our country which is the Philippines there many species of animals that are only endemic in our country like the Philippine Tarsier one of the smallest primates in the world.

Nice english @mvalley hahahahha tarsier is located in bohol I will be featuring as soon as i get there.

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Woww. Great post !! I have already added Cebu in my 2018 traveling list.

Yes thank you sir. If you may I will be your guide in the sanctuary sir. Philippines have many tourists spot so highly recommended to all foreigner to visit our country. I swear its worth it

I love this!! I want to vote for you, but, my vote doesn't have any value right now!! I've been voting for too many people!!

@thehoneys thank to you my friend .. your voting is enough even it has no value. I really appreciate it.

I naturally didn't like going around animals for personal reasons, but this post has exposed me to the reality of the fun I'm losing. Thanks for the enlightenment.

A great post with impressive original content!
I really enjoyed to see it and to read it, my compliment!
Best regards from Thailand
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done joining your group sir @ zanoni .

Thailand and philippines are near maybe you can visit then . hehhe

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