Upvote Fund Raising for Thea's Recovery of Heart and Lung Congenital Disease

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Hi Steemians,

With this post, I am knocking on your gentle heart to help my friend's daughter's recovery.

daddy misses your hugs already, get well the soonest, please.

She is Althea Santos, two years old and was diagnosed of heart and lung congenital disease.
According to his father, Alvin Santos, Thea is in 50:50 chance of living and currently under the intensive care unit or ICU in San Juan De Dios Hospital.

With the young age of 2, it's hard for a father to see his youngest daughter in this situation. And they (parents) are doing everything to save their child.

As their friend, I would like to help through asking the Steemit community to fund her child's hospitalization by upvoting this post and as you please, resteem as well to reach other kind steemians.

All of the upvotes' value of this post after payout will be donated to Thea's hospitalization. And we are also accepting donations if have, whether through Steem/SBD or cash. I am available in discord messaging app if you need more information.

Currently, the family has an amount of around Php60,000 (USD1200) each day to pay in the hospital, and they been there for almost 4 days now. And most probably until Moday (February 12, 2017) or depending on the situation of Thea.

As of the moment, Thea, can now move her body little by little but tubes and other things still attached to her. She breathes and being feed through the tube. And if ever they were discharged on Monday, Thea will still need to undergo heart bypass operation amounting to Php500,000 (USD10,000) in order to live longer and like a normal child.

Again, I am knocking on your gentle hearts dear steemians to help Thea to live.

Please also do pray for her fast recovery.




The following pictures are the father's longing for her child posts on Facebook.



And these are their current bill notified by the hospital.



My friend, Alvin was not able to send me pictures of Thea while in ICU as the hospital do not allow cellphones and camera inside. They were only allowed to visit their child inside the ICU twice a day per parent. (Morning and Afternoon). There are even no windows to glance at least.

In Jesus name , she will be healed.

Thank You!





When i was sick back then i couldn't afford the check up and hospital bill at that time, and I made a promised to myself that this will never happen again in my life. Hello Thea, get well soon and i'll pray for you, upvoted and resteemed :)

Thanks man, its really hard to get sick, this is the moment that we're never prepare for. Thanks for helping man, I'll send your message to her.

God is in control @davinsh giving you my upvote to support little girl. Take heart.

Oh man I hope that you will be able to help raise some funds. I gave my tiny little upvote on this one and resteem it to hopefully get a wider audience.

Keep us informed.

Thanks Man, this is the least I can do to help my friend and his child...

Hopefully, this would be successful.

Upvoted and resteemed. Get well soon Thea. I'm praying for your faster recovery. God bless you little girl.

Thanks @jennybeans, I will send your regards to her..

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Upvoted to help the family. I am also praying for her healing.

Seeing kids in ICU breaks my heart. I also have neices and nephews and i love them all. Will definitely support. Upvoted and will resteem. To sir Alvin and family of this kid, stay strong po and keep the faith. God is good all the time and is with you. Thanks for sharing sir @davinsh

Thanks @itsmechille. I sent your regards to them..

Hello baby thea i am praying for your recovery, Get well soon baby.. Upvote and resteem.

Thank you @realhousewife.

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Oh my God, so sad in my heart .but how come this little cute caring heart and lung congenital disease? I pry for her God will perfect everything that need to be perfect in body and provide for her parents. How I wish my voting power is 100% i would have vote this post 100%. But I give my. Little vote. Following you already @itsmechille and @davinsh checking your blog not to upvote the post

This is very heartbreaking especially for the parents. Please don't lose hope, God is good. Stay strong baby girl and we'll pray for your fast recovery. I upvoted but sadly my vote didn't value much so I also resteemed your post to reach others too.