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I have tried numerous ways to interact with the Steem blockchain on my laptop over the last couple of years, including, eSteem Surfer, d.Tube, and of course I found they all have pros and cons - but now there is a slick, new competitor in the form of - Let's take a look...

steempeak logo.png

(Note: Yes, that is 'Steempeak', not 'Teamspeak' - for the gamers out there who remember teamspeak!)

From the moment I opened up @Steempeak I was impressed, after so long using the almost eternally unchanging user interface at, I am relieved to find that Steempeak has many of the interface elements that we now take for granted on social sites, that Steemit has lacked all along...

  • 'Masonry' based lists of posts is present, which means that we can view slickly presented posts in 'grid' view that move around on the page via animation to produce attractive lists of posts for us like Pinterest and many other sites do.
  • All of the page elements that make up a post now have attractive presentations and post images are large enough to see clearly at all times.
  • Embedded videos can be played in the main list of posts directly! This leads to whole new approaches for designing the structure of posts to gain attention in the community.
  • Pages and elements load rapidly - along the lines of the speed of Facebook and other social sites.

Even More Nice Features For Steem

  • Favourite user list can be maintained to quickly view key profiles.
  • Templates can be created to allow new posts to include default structure and elements - which is REALLY great for me as it will save me a lot of time coying and pasting signature text for different types of post. :)
  • Scheduled posts can be created to auto submit your work to the blockchain at a key time that you know that your audience will be online.
  • Multiple draft posts can be created and saved for later editing and publishing. :)
  • A Non Google based search tool (something I requested nearly 2 years ago!).. It appears to be usable but needs to be improved as my searches are not returning all of the posts that they should do at this point.
  • REALTIME NOTIFICATION! Yes, they actually work - so no more using to check realtime activity on my account!
  • Vote values are calculated for all votes on all posts! Nice!

ura soul  Steempeak

  • A nice Dashboard is included that shows graphs of your recent activity on the Blockchain, such as posting regularity and incoming/outgoing vote data.
  • Transactions can be filtered and searched on the wallet page.
  • Lists of users can be displayed all one one page, loaded via AJAX - rather than having to click through a paginated list of users.. This makes viewing long lists a bit easier in some ways.. Although I am still not a fan of having to constantly load new users into the list by scrolling down repeatedly.
  • The 'Trending', 'Hot' and 'New' lists have been replaced by one single list that can be sorted by either 'payout reward level' or 'creation date' - making the experience of viewing posts on Steem a bit simpler in some ways.
  • Images can be added to posts easily from external sources or uploads using the simple interface in the text editor.

My Suggestions for Improvements

  1. Make the options bar of the text editor stick to the top of the browser window so we can still apply formatting using the bar when the posts get long or we are using short screens.
  2. Similarly, a saved topics list can be used to quickly access 'sticky' posts that you need to view regularly.
  3. Add support for the center and sub tags to the text editor to allow text to be centered and made smaller.
  4. Add a 'Night' mode to reverse the colours in the interface, to allow for a dark background instead of glaring white!


I will definitely be using Steempeak as my main tool for writing Steem posts and using Steem over the coming weeks as so far it dramatically improves the experience on all levels. Each of the other apps I have mentioned have something to offer, but until now I have not seen all of the features I need in one place and in the browser, within easy reach and use on all platforms I might ever want to use it on.

I highly recommend anyone who uses to give @Steempeak a try!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Steempeak is excellent. I've been using it for over a month now and blogged about it twice in my enthusiasm :) ... there are more and more posts being written about SP and how it vastly improves the user experience on the blockchain. Given that a new release is imminent, it seems set to really take off.

Great stuff @ura-soul 🔆


Excellent! I think public perception needs to be improved of the way that so many sites all run from the Steem blockchain.. Once the world better understands how this all works, there may be a great increase in the draw that such new sites have. :)


I guess there's also the issue of sentimental attachment to ol' granny Steemit, the UI through which most of us came on board (especially those - like me - who didn't know about the blockchain or crypto beforehand). I now only use it for voting witnesses :), wallet transactions and checking layouts match up. I guess switching may be seen as a betrayal by some, especially if there is habituation with the Steemit UI and reluctance to face relearning another (but then, how many such tech nervous users do we have on the b/chain I wonder! :).

Finally, there's the simple issue of the Steemit dead end, the stage of perpetual betahood, and this being intentional on the part of Stinc. in order to leave the field open to developers (who would also bear the responsibility of development :). It's just not being developed any further!

I do still provide links on my posts. On my blogmap (pinned to homepage banner), I have provided links to both interfaces. I do this because I remember being rather put-off when a post would open up in when I was expecting a steemit interface.

I must say I'm really looking forward to the next release of Steempeak.


Thanks for the insights. I will play about with Steempeak a bit more to test it's uptime and reliability and if it continues being great then I'll start sharing steempeak links instead of steemit :)


I will be checking this out for sure!

It's odd witnessing the development pace increasing while the steem price declines.

Hopefully all of this is pressure building which will lift the steeem price upwards!

Im quite into Partiko @ the moment... everyone loves a leaderboard challenge after all!

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The development will continue almost regardless of the price, since we know that building the platform will be reflected in the price if it is done well. So far I love Steempeak!

Thanks for this news @ura-soul I will have to see it and experience its benefits. Regarding transferring money, does it have that feature too?


You are welcome! Yes, the wallet supports sending/receiving money, just like Steemit. :)

just looked into it.
love the interface!
believe I'm gonna use it from now on.