Looking beyond the life of the village through the visualization of a beautiful village...

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Good Morning Wonderful Steem Community,

If you have only one chance to select living area, what do you choose from both village or city life. For me I definitely select village life because it's very simple life and giving big relaxation. I have chance to visit beautiful village in north central province very close to Kandalama lake. But this is not only travel blog because I wanna share various thing from my blog. I used various options of my camera settings.



On either side of the road there was the plain land an electric fence the protect from the elephants. Behind the plain land had the lake. In recent decades, Sri Lanka's economic policies have been primarily focused on urban development. This tendency is so strong that urbanization is seen as the solution to all economic woes. Is the government ready to address the challenges posed by drought, stagnant incomes and dwindling rural livelihoods? The consequences of long-term neglect of the rural economy lead us to rethink the economic policy of the country.


We reached to the lake. The waves very calm and silent. So I could predict about weather those day. There was big and old trees because lake had placed nearest to the forest directly. Many writers who have written on the 'rural' economy have looked at the village through the prism of 'land' and 'peasantry'. Rural economic life is mainly identified with agricultural production and agriculture is linked to land and peasantry. However, most of the recent research on rural economies has focused on the plurality of economic activities.


Slowly walking down a small road, we came to see where the branches of the river merge. It was amazing experience to me. I captured another beautiful look there.


In spite of the importance of agricultural land, rural people earn other sources, such as working in the informal sector, working in other small productions, and earning income as migrant workers in cities and abroad.


I increased contrast level for above capture. It's another look of the lake. The water and the sky was same color and brilliant scenery gave to our eyes.


One of the peculiarities of rural economic life is that a significant proportion of income and expenditure is of a non-monetary nature. Most of these non-market activities do not contain national data. The discovery of fuel, the acquisition of vegetables from homesteading, and the saving of agricultural and fisheries products for domestic consumption are examples of this non monetary activity.


However, natural disasters such as droughts or floods can damage this economic base. Rural communities also face market pressure. For example, the impact of disastrous micro-finance services spread across many rural areas of the country has a serious impact on rural families.


In our country, our ancestors, in their day-to-day life, got their food from the environment. The lifestyle at that time was associated with the environment. Just like breakfast, mindfulness, exercise, health, and self-reliance, free food was added to the daily diet. Health was paramount. The environment was their ultimate pleasure. The life pattern was pretty simple.


In our culture, we have a life of our own, built on the merger of the village, the temple, the lake, the dagoba. Our people were active, healthy, and courageous people who knew our own and built the worlds.



Similarly, when man's current life-style, power, and money is being pursued, how can health be the ultimate knowledge? Think about it. It's time for you.

Thank you for watching. Have a Nice day all.

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Beautiful photos with wonderful scenery! It looks relaxing indeed.

Ah! Good question! I myself love village life like this. It's simple but good for our health. The lake, the sky, the mountains, the trees, the rice fields, the little house on the tree are my favorite. I would be very happy to stay there.

Your article is interesting. Well done! ;)

Thanks your well responded answer and feedback. Yeah those nature properties giving big inspiration to our life. But town areas haven't see those inspiration assets.

You're welcome! Yeah! I totally agree with you. ;)

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