I’m leaving Steemit(.com) - Welcome SteemPeak(.com)

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It took me months to make the jump. But from now, SteemPeak will be my default and favorite (if not the only one) client for the Steem Blockchain.

Changing my mind

I have always been impressed by how much people are stuck in their habit and are relunctant to change even when it is good for them. Of course, when I talk about people, that includes myself.

I have not been an early adopter, because at the beginning SteemPeak was missing some key features that were really important to me. But I continued to keep an eye on its evolution.

And was I saw is a constant improvement of the app and a continuous flow of innovations coming in.

Kudos to the massive work done by @asgarth (lead developer of SteemPeak) compared to small if inexistant added value features brought to us for years by Steem Inc to their steemit.com client.

Why the change?

The main reason that made me take the step is the support for multiple accounts. When you manage a personal account and several project and/or community accounts, using steemit.com is a nightmare.

And it became even worse now that Steemit inc. has splitted the wallet to a separate domain name (steemitwallet.com). I’m not saying that it was a bad decision, but having to deal with separate sites which are not “logged-in-user-synchronised” is really cumbersome!

On SteemPeak, thanks to Steem Keychain integration, switching from account to another is quick and transparent. This is a life and time saver.

Many more reasons

Of course there are many other reasons why I now prefer SteemPeak.I will mention a few wich are major to me. You are welcome to add your own in the comments on this post. Maybe I missed some awesome features on the app.

  • SteemPeak is fast! Even when you load a post with thousands of comments.
    Try to display this @steemitboard post -> on Steemit and -> on SteemPeak.
    Do I need to paint a picture?
  • SteemPeak is mobile friendly thanks to its Steem Connect integration.
    Being a security paranoid, I’m not a fan of SteemConnect. But I have to admit that it helped me when using SteemPeak on my mobile and having to easily switch from one account to another.
  • The learning curve is really fast thanks to the clear and easy to use design of the interface.
    Precisely defining your voting power on a post is easy to do, even if you have fat fingers.
  • You can save several draft of your post and come back to edit them later. You can even create templates to speed up your writing and commenting process.
  • You can bookmark posts to read them later or create some sort of key posts library. Again another huge time saver.
  • You don’t need to install an extension like Steem-Plus to see key figures like Voting Mana, RC Mana, Vote Value, Upvotes details. Not that I do not like Steem-Plus (thanks to @stoodkev for the awesome work done) but it’s now native and available everywhere, even when I’m on my mobile.
  • The team behind SteemPeak is accessible and very reactive.
  • You won’t see any advertisements (until now) like Steemit now does.
  • You can decide whether or not you want to share part of your author reward (5%) with SteemPeak to support the project. You can even do it on a per post basis.

OK, I will stop here to avoid making this post TL;DR.

Give it a try

Give it a try, give yourself some time to get used to, and I’m pretty sure you won't come back to the outdated steemit.com again.

Go to https://steempeak.com and share your opinion in comments.
Tell me what’s your beloved SteemPeak’s feature.

Finally, please support SteemPeak team’s work like I do. Go to your settings and share the reward love!

Thanks for reading!

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What too you so long? LOL

I made the jump a while back and love the application. It is a terrific interface and the team is doing a great job.


Yeah, some times me really slow

When Steemit came out with the TOS I had some issues with the original draft, and went over to Steempeak while awaiting resolution.

Never went back.



I flag trash. You have received a flag.


You indeed raise an important point with a topic like TOS!

Already sold, been using this for months now!

It's a nice interface. The only slight irritation to watch for is that when you click on a post from you feed, you need to click on the title a second time to actually get to the post... you probably know what i mean already.

That aside, it's very useable, and a vast improvement over steemit.


I actually prefer it with the pop-out, but I think you can adjust that in the settings, under the "INTERFACE" tab. If you set it to "OFF", I believe it'll take you straight into the post.



Ah ok thanks!

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when you click on a post from you feed, you need to click on the title a second time to actually get to the post…

To be honest, I rarely use me feed. I use another tool to manage people I follow.
I tried it right now and didn't' get this issue.


Portofolio View! For me as a photographer it's great!.

Mountains rule, especially the Peaks! I recently switched
to steempeak after way to many ads on steemit. Years ago we
fired our tv because of such things. Sometimes it is hard to
change what we get use to, until the moment comes.
So far I'm really enjoying the change!

I also really like the photo you used here of the Betta
leaping into a new beautiful world! :-)


Just shared my first SteemPeak post. I've seen others using SteemPeak but seeing you using gave me the extra impetus @shasta. Thanks so much. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thanks for your feedback @shasta
Fortunately, I never had to fire my TV ... because I never had one

Great to do the jump with you @arcange. I've just shared my first SteemPeak post. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Cool @allyinspirit. The more we jump, the better 😀

Hey @arcange, quite a convincing post. I will sure try SteemPeak.

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Thank you @oivas. Feel free to share your first impression and feedback here.

I know how you feel. I practically keep switching between the interfaces on a daily basis. Can't really figure out which one I like the most. They all seem to have something unique or better than others.

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  ·  9 days ago (edited)

I think we both have the same switching history @tggr. But today, it's hard to find features available on steemit.com and missing on SteemPeak.

Hi sure will try steempeak 😁👊 steemit needs more competition 😁

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Perfect. Looking forward to your feedback @tomsmaid

Nice. I've been using steem peak for a while now as well, sort of worried reasons why I try to post on a regular basis as it takes a lot of the meaningless grunt work out of trying to post on a daily basis.
Perhaps there is a way to integrate some of the awesome things you do with their service?


Perhaps there is a way to integrate some of the awesome things you do with their service?

Yeah, that might be cool. I'm talking about this with @asgarth. Future will tell.

Steempeak is what steemit should have been by now.


steempeak is so much better than steemit, they even support keychain login. #1 STEEM front end for sure.


Yep, Keychain is great but it does not work on mobile devices 😢


Yah, if it works on mobile then it’s the perfect tool

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Very nice post! I’ll definitely try this! It does sound very good and reasonable!

Thanks for your honest feedback.

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I've been an eSteem fan since I started on Steem and see no reason to change.


Sure, eSteem is a great app and everyone can stay where he feels at home.
However, it is sometimes interesting to have a look elsewhere ... to confirm one's convictions or to change one's mind.


I have taken a look at most of the front end sites, but nothing has been great enough to make me consider switching. And for all the support @esteemapp has given me over the past two years they totally deserve my loyalty!


Fair enough.

I've been using steempeak, almost exclusively, for months now. It's been so long that it seems weird and unnatural when I land on steemit now. I totally agree about how nice it is to see constant improvement on the platform, as well as the support for multiple accounts. The ability to scheduled posts is a nice feature, too, although I think you have to log in through steemconnect to make use of it.


The ability to scheduled posts is a nice feature, too, although I think you have to log in through steemconnect to make use of it.

This is quite obvious because the application must be able to post for you at the scheduled time. Using Keychain, it does not have any access to your (posting) key. Using Steem Connect, you gave it the authorization to post on your behalf. This is also why I do not like Steem Connect: what would happen if the author of the application went mad... who knows 😱

Looking forward to it. Heard of it many times , now would love to give a shot.

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Go... Go... Go... can't wait to read your feedback!

Thanks for updating us @arcange
I tried it and found Just as you are saying

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Thank you for your feedback and glad you like it @masoom

Aw man... I'm still on Steemit like a total noob.


We have all been noobs at least once in our life.
This is not a reason to stay that way 😉

i am a new steemian.
i dont even know that steempeek exist :D
i will give it a try.


I briefly looked at Steampeak when steemit.com was down but haven't taken a close look. Perhaps I will check it out a bit more.


May the second check be with you @lordvdr

I wish I could just use one. I find myself jumping back and forth between a couple. There are just some elements like uploading screenshots to Steempeak where I prefer using Steemit as it’s just quicker to drop and drag.

I did checkout Steempeak not to long ago but that habit of just going out to Steemit is quite a strong one to break.


Does knowing that SteemPeak supports upload with drag and drop can help you?

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Another reason for me to use steempeak is their delegation button. Just so much easier than finding a sp delegating tool.

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their delegation button.

Good catch, I forgot this one. Steemit.com is missing so many obvious/basic features.

Interface is very professional looking.the only downside which I found was the little ref link thumbnail for easily referencing your photos. They didn't have it at the time . Much check if they have it now. Esteem do so I'm still over there but I may check back.

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Thanks for your feedback @blanchy.
I'm pretty sure the dev will read the comments here and, if not implemented, you might see your missing feature come soon.
Do we bet a beer?


A hophouse 13 will be on the line! 😂

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I use steemit for @felipejoys, steempeak for my alts and busy when I want to check for vote values.


OMG, the perfect way to get Dissociative Identity Disorder 😂

I'm one of those people too... but I'm working on it. I have their page open in my browser, I've just got to do it!


@arcange I've never used it other than to peek at it. It has a log in or create account option. Do I need to create an account, or just use my steem password to log in?


Oops nevermind, figured it out!