Halloween..eh... Lets figure out this pumpkin carving thing

in #steemoween5 years ago

Steemians.. Yes we are using a Drill to Carve Pumpkins for Halloween..

This is a fair warning.. I'm far from an expert


Steemians in this short video you will see my kids handling business.. The huge Pumpkin on the table is a pumpkin that weighes close to 115 lbs I honestly had No clue they could get that big. Lesson learned. I hope you all enjoyed the video thanks for watching it.

Happy Halloween everyone. Be careful during your celebration.


Disclaimer the header image on this post is from Askideas.com


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Happy halloween friend

haha time to take it seriously now :D

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

hahah to cute 😅😅😅

That is A LOT of pumkin!! More than what we did!! Did you save any of the guts for pie or soup!!

Good to see everyone well,

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LOL that is great!

If the camera was on horizontal view instead of vertical it would go viral for sure!
Though I am sure the Safety Sallies would go nuts and have YouTube demonitize you for sure.

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