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RE: @Steemonboarding: The Marketing Tool for the Steem Blockchain You have Been Waiting For

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Hi, we also have an onboarding project - 'Steem Passport' (also promoted at Steemfest :) ). I am attempting to do this so that no tasks are duplicated, it would be great if you would come and participate in the Discord for the project here:


Awesome, I'm sure we can collaborate together!

Great - thanks! I have been working behind the scenes to address the technical issues and to set dApp creators' minds at ease regarding the capacity of the network - which has not been as straightforward as we might like. I have already written a lengthy project document on this and will be uploading an announcement and video very soon too. Stay tuned!
In the meantime please say hello in the Discord space. :)

Awesome! We definitely think there's a huge improvement opportunity regarding this topic, the more people involved, the Merrier! This project was born 2 months ago in Canada in the Stem creators conference but we waited until SF to announce to get the most feedback as possible!

OK, i see. I am a bit confused as to why we didn't get to communicate about this at Steemfest as I was explaining Steem Passport to nearly everyone I met and only one person mentioned your work at your end. I tried to contact you but didn't get a reply. It is important that work is not duplicated and I really don't want to have any competing projects for this (it is counter productive). I look forward to discussing this asap. :)

Just wrote to you a PM. Just read the discord channel, I think we won't canibalize each other or compete, I rather think we can work towards the same goal with different approaches and similar mindsets. And yes, we only spoke with a handful of people, mostly those mentioned in the post. Talk soon in discord!

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