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RE: @Steemonboarding: The Marketing Tool for the Steem Blockchain You have Been Waiting For

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So glad someone is doing this!
As for this part:
"We are currently working out a way of avoiding bots answering the test and mining accounts from us. We were thinking of a 5 minute conversation through a pop-up window on our website or perhaps asking to cross reference another social media account. If you have any suggestions please let us know."

Why not use the same "proof" process we use now, have the user submit a selfie with their preferred @ username and the date, plus the word steemit and add in some random word, like spoon or banana they must include. Everyone gets a different random word. 🤷‍♀️😊

Good luck with this project! 💜💜💜

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It's a good idea... but it does change it to a manual approval process instead of an automatic one. I'm sure there's a captcha type thing they can use to automate it all...

@aussieninja... An automated captha type thing is a brilliant idea. Thanks for taking the time to leave so many valuable/helpful comments on this post!

There are very good reasons for certain communities to eschew personally identifiable information in the process of onboarding here, and I hope you can enable those whose existential circumstances preclude their joining communities that require KYC to join here. Think Kashoggi. Assange.

It's a tall order, but from the consideration I've observed in your post here, I expect you can meet it.


Thank you so much for your support @khackett! Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback as well! <3

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