update - See how your Steem Power grows in real-time

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I have added a small new feature on If you are fortunate enough to have a lot of Steem Power you can now see how your SP grows in real-time.

15% of all new STEEM tokens are awarded to holders of Steem Power. A nice reward, just for HODLing :)

...Just 10 seconds later...

Check out how much SP these whale-accounts earn every 3 seconds (with every new block)

Wait for at least 10 seconds after loading The script first needs to make some calculations after a few blocks have been added to the blockchain. After this short delay, the amount of Steem Power is updated every 3 seconds (with every new block).
All calculations are made on the client side, so it does not burden the Steem node every 3 seconds.

And now make sure you become a whale... Steem ON! :)

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If we delegate steempower we still earn the 15% on the full steempower owned?


Well, as a dolphin I am not seeing any movement but I have now bookmarked your page, forgot that existed so there is that

we can see it most clearly by looking at our delegations, after weeks the 1000 sp originally delegated is now 1001.7 sp or something.

I guess I need more SP before I see it moving.

Yea saw this once on a whales account and it marvelled me how dey earn steem just holding it

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Thank you @penguinpablo I appreciate all that you do to make Steemit even better..............

That’s super cool, @penguinpablo!

Hhmmmm interesting.

Awesome addition! Wonder if smaller accounts can see the difference in real time.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

I do see this in my own account, although it takes days...

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Very very hot and nice and steemit power

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There is only 28 million left in that account? That is my big take away :)

Just kidding, nicely done!

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I can't use it properly in China

You can try another Steem node. You can set the Steem node at the top right of the page.

I've tried, but it still doesn't work.

Thank you! I am off to check it out!


Wow those numbers are massive.
I could only dream of having a vote that big. Amazing .

Its for sure a nice tool, if you have a larger stack of SP. Tho It would be nice, if it could calculate if you're less fortune and have way less than a whale. I think that is what matter the most, when it comes to it.