update - Option added to select a node

in steemnow •  last year

If you are using you might have noticed the website sometimes had issues connecting to the Steemd API node over the last few days.

To fix this, I've added an option to select another API node.

I have a faster connection to than, but try it yourself.

I've also changed the error handling. You now get an error if an API node doesn't respons properly. Hopefully you will never see this message, but if you do, you can simply select another API node now.

No more connection issues! ...STEEM ON! :)


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I love Steem Now, visit your site almost every day... yes it was down many times here in Spain the last few days. thank you for making other options

Steemnow is awesome and I use it every day. I had noticed it taking longer than usual the last several days. Thank you very much for the fix and the how to post. Much appreciated man!

Great improvement

Oo great news ;) Thank you for sharing ;)

Awesome @penguinpablo. I use this tool everyday! I did notice some issues and I was bummed. Thanks for adding options for other connections

Fantastic addition to a fantastic tool, which I've promoted to others as useful so many times. Only getting better now! Keep up the good work and thank you!

I was depressed yesterday because steem now was not loading any data lol

Thank you @penguinpablo for the second choice of API node. I did notice connection errors now and again that really frustrated me because whenever I'm I make sure I display SteemNow website. To me, it's like a navigating guide on Steemit.

This is a welcome update.
Thanks for that.

Cool Pablo thak for tour work its the app that i use dairy.

Greetings from Caracas.

Nice work thanks for sharing. it a helpful tool for me to follow up with my voting power usage

Thank you for this. I use like 99% every day because i use it to monitor the activities of my blog. I have been wondering why i will keep reloading the page and nothing would display. This happened so many times last week and weekend too.

This is a good news for me. Thanks.

Your posts inspire me a lot. As a newbie I've many things to learn. Keep posting staffs like this

Thanks information

Great! Thanks :-)

Thank you ! I had lot of problems yesterday !

Thanks for improve your app
This is my main tool to manage the pipeline and forecast in Steemit.

Upvote and resteem


Thank you, I use almost everyday. Could you please add the function that counts how many upvotes done each day?


Good to hear :-)

Do you mean the number of votes done by yourself or the number of votes received on your posts per day?


The number of votes done by myself, it is very helpful for me since I am a main curator. I used a Chrome extension to check upvotes number I did everyday, but I do not like it, the extension adds to many extra elements to my page, and slows down the speed of page loading.

nice post. It's useful. Thanks for sharing

now i understand why it didn't load properly since a few days ago, i thought it was because of my internet connection. anyway thank you for the update. awesome

Nice post

Cool, thanks for the upgrade there :)

Thank you for this simple yet efficient tool. I use it everyday.
I have two suggestions (it is my suggestion day, lol) :

  • in the "latest upvotes" : be able to see the comment/post in Steemit! (as it is done in the "latest curation rewards"). Currently, if we click on an upvoted post/comment, we end up in steemnow, which is not usefull!
  • still in the "latest upvotes", see the $ value along with the %. As done in this extension.

Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

Awesome, this will make things smoother.

Nice touch for a better experience. Thanks @penguinpablo

What a great post you are friends. Should have more insight

Thank you! great job!

Thanks for the update on the steemnow, appreciate it.

Have a great day. :-)

Good work Penguin, I noticed it was down for a bit yesterday, I started panicking, glad everything is back to normal haha. Do you allow others to advertise on the header of steemnow or is that just for you?

very very nice, next you'll be doing geo looks up and routing us to the next one automatically in a round robin setup. what a star. i love steem now! :)

Keep us informed if any update issue regarding the steemnow. This tool is awesome. Thanks @penguinpablo

Thanks so much for the update.
I really appreciate your work on this awesome tool :)
I love using steemnow

Yaaaaaaaaay!!!! I really missed not being able to access my feed recently. I'm so glad you found a workaround. I use your app everyday for accessing my feed, et al.


hi.. I'm new here. may I ask if what is the purpose of ive read your post and its seems so interesting.. thanks


It's a miracle place where you can see your voting power, your rewards, and get a feed of posts you might want to upvote. you can get to them quickly for upvoting purposes. You refresh the screen all day to see what's new in the 30 seconds since you last looked.

If steemnow goes down - you get a screen with no numbers that might come back or not. There is no replacement for this service so you get a huge huge pit in your stomach and feel sick and check constantly until it comes back.

· gives you a lot of realtime data about your Steem account. You see in realtime who votes for your posts, your latest curation and author rewards and much more statistics.

Try it yourself. Visit and enter your username in the top right.

Hey @penguinpablo any chance the value of comments could be added to the "My Posts" section of

Thanks to post

nice post

thank you for this information @peuinpablo