How much is your Steem power worth? This tool will help you to calculate it

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How to calculate the value of your Steem power

If you have been around on this platform for a while, you probably know that to succeed here, you need to have enough Steem power. Especially since after HardFolk 21, the reward formula for curation changed to 50-50. So, if you have more steem power, you will have a bigger share of the 50% payout to curators (those that upvote a post). So why can you know the value of your Steem power? There is a useful tool made by @penguinpablo that will help you to calculate the value of your Steem power. Here is how to use it.

Step 1: Log on to and click the Calculator icon as shown below.


Step 2: Type in the amount of Steem power you want to calculate (Check Image below).


Step 3: Enter your voting power. Each time you upvote someone, your voting power reduces from 100%. The more you vote, the more it reduces. As it reduces in %, the value of your vote reduces too. But for the sake of learning, you can leave it at 100% (check image above)

Step 4: Enter the voting weight. The voting weight at 100% is gives the full value of your Steem power. If your steem power is less than 500sp, your votes are automatically set to 100% weight. Above 500SP, anytime you want to vote, a slider will appear in which you can set your voting weight. If you reduce it from 100%, the voting value also reduces. Again, for the sake of learning, you can leave it at 100% (check image above).

Step 5: Click Calculate. Thats all. the value of your Steem power will appear as shown in arrow 6.

So for the example in the image, 10000SP at a voting power and weight of 100% gives a value of 0.0806$.


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Hello dear @chainpower.

This tool seems very useful and versatile.
Do you have a lot of time using it?

I really did not like the interface much, but this is compensated with all that valuable information that is compiled in the scrolls.
Congratulations to the programmer @penguinpablo.

Thanks for sharing.

All best, Piotr.