SteemNova - 2018-02-25 Weekly alliance shares and player rewards

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Last Week: Latest news, politics, epic battles and intergalactic Steem participation in the SteemNova world.


Political situation


BuildTeam Gang alliance with Galaxy Fleet
Galaxy Fleet Academy alliance with Galaxy Fleet
Galaxy Fleet Academy alliance with BuildTeam Gang

Non-aggression pacts

Esperantuloj non-aggression pact with Galaxy Fleet
Esperantuloj non-aggression pact with Synchronized Worlds
Synchronized Worlds non-aggression pact with BuildTeam Gang
The Sovereign non-aggression pact with Logic Force
The Sovereign non-aggression pact with Rugged Academics
The Sovereign non-aggression pact with Steemianie

Latest epic battles

Hall of Fame
1. @marsell VS @jozef230 - 6647kreport
2. @dotevo & @mys VS @tx1683 - 5008kreport
3. @marsell VS @theravikin - 4545kreport
4. @marsell VS @BillTheCipher - 4194kreport
5. @dotevo VS @manneredBARTOSZ - 3214kreport
6. @dotevo VS @tx1683 - 3039kreport
7. @marsell VS @desteemy - 2703kreport
8. @marsell VS @barbarossastudio - 2694k + MOONreport
9. @marsell VS @desteemy - 2685kreport
10. @dotevo VS @Cz?owiek Iluzja - 2348kreport

1 moon were created. Gratz to @barbarossastudio!

Weekly shares and rewards

Formula goes as follows:
Reward = Player Points / Alliance Points * Alliance Shares Percentage

Summary for current standings 2018-02-25 23:00 CET:

Synchronized WorldsPointsShares
@mys resign from reward1074275.88%*
Galaxy FleetPointsShares
Steem PolskaPointsShares
Galaxy Fleet AcademyPointsShares
BuildTeam GangPointsShares

Total rewarded 71 players out of 261

*percentage share of total SBD this post payout


People registered names in game should be equal to Steem account name. @steemnova account will reward players from this post SBD earnings in single transactions after 7 days post living.

For the Emperor!

"The Steem must flow"

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So I started playing this game, but it seems a bit confusing... I got attacked and my resources were stolen and I did not even realize I was getting attacked until I looked at my messages.... is there a battle log somewhere you can click on to show who attacked you and when or is the messages the only way to know...? Also how do you attack other people, I dont see a map anywhere showing where other players are located so you can attack them...? Thanks


Each battle report is stored in Your message box.
You can attack enemies through Galaxy view. The Galaxies is the in game map.


Ok, thanks for the info