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in steemnova •  5 months ago

As of now I hold a slim margin of total points ahead of teammate @potplucker and opponent @maxer27. Ranked 17th overall but difficult to maintain any margin of lead.

As mentioned last steemnova post I would spend more on defense that anything else. Hope to continue growing my defense as I see fit. As of now here is my defense stats:

I will report back next week on the progress as I record my growth on steemnova.

Thanks for reading.

If you wish to watch me try to grow my crypto wealth please follow me: @mawit07


Date of post: 9/01/2018

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I am pretty stoked, I have moved into the top 200. Hoping to be in the top 180 by the end of the week. Starting to get my act together on research and construction and making strides it seems.


Keep at it and you will have an empire soon. I am lucky to be in top 20 for now. It gets easier to build once you level high enough and get as many planets as you can.


I have three planets now. I have stayed away from fleet building for the most part. Most of the ships I have come from expeditions. Right now, just focusing on building and research. Seems to be working for now.

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