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in steemnova •  10 months ago

I do not know why those gone inactive. 2 weeks I have a good conversation with those guys. I remember I trade some metal for crystal a week ago and he/she is very active. Unfortunately, yesterday when I send pm nobody reply and I find out that there is an (i) beside there names. So I send one of my spy probe and discovered there defense and fleet have all gone. I am afraid if they were get bullied or there is another reason behind there in activity. I understand the very concept of these game but we still on it's infancy we need to encouraged people, steemians, play the game. I am not saying that farming is bad, I did it also to a verified inactive player and if I missed and have accidentally attack active player I send resources to replace to replace what I destroyed. I did it here. I accidentally attacked player who setup there planet beside the inactive one.

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Myabe the problem can be limit of the attacks. Right now is something like 5 times per day per planet. I Think it is too much.