Get Paid For Signups Via Steem Ninaj Re-feral Program

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Before the advent of, creating or signing up for steemit used to be a much hectic process. There was a time it took a week before approval, to two weeks, to a month and now it's almost impossible to even obtain a steem account.

Ever since was introduced on the steem blockchain, it has gotten some decent responses from the public. Steem NJ was designed to effortlessly create new steem accounts without squabbles or time wasting.

What is Steem NJ

Steem NJ is a decentralized DApp that leverages on the steem blockchain for the creation of new steemit accounts. In order to purchase an account, user will need approximately $2.5 via credit cards, that's not all, each account comes with a whooping 15 steem delegation for a maximum of 90 days (3 months). Additionally, there's a bonus attached for ever referral you refer to.

Visit their website at here to obtain your own referral code in which you can invite your friend on board.

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