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RE: How To Attract Everything You Desire Effortlessly!

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Your nonsensical post appear to be random mix of sentences taken from various web articles that share similar topic.

An easy money spell to draw more abundance into life is to take a green candle and consecrate it with oil.


Further, if you want to make a career out of transforming empty spaces into design masterpieces, this is what you need to do to get there


No harm in that, lots of legitimate people tried to study homeopathy once too, but if you try to cure yourself with it today, you are going to get ridiculed.


And so on.

Not indicating that the content you post including translations, spun, or re-written articles are not your original work could be seen as plagiarism.

These are some tips on how to share content and add value:

  • Using a few sentences from your source in “quotes.” Use HTML tags or markdown ">" before the quote.
  • Linking to your sources.
  • Include your own original thoughts and ideas on what you have shared.
  • It is recommended that the quotes should not cover more than 50% of the whole post. At least 50% of the content should be original.

Repeated plagiarized posts are considered spam. Spam is discouraged by the community, and may result in action from the cheetah bot.

If you are actually the original author, please do reply to let us know!

Thank You!

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