WIN FREE CARDS!!! Monster Kids- on the Steem Monster Show!

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Hey Kids! You can win free Steem Monsters cards too! Who needs parents!


Monsterkids!!! We know you love cards too. We know you're going to totally kill it in the battles. And we want to recognize you on our show! We will be selecting a cool kid or teen every week to highlight on the Steem Monster Show. So if you are excited about Steem Monsters, then let us know!

We wanna see your stuff! So here's all you do:

1. Do something monster-related that you can share

2. Include #monsterkids and #steemmonstershow as the first two tags of your post

3.Share your post in the comments below, and include your age.

* If you are under the age of 13, please either use your parent our guardian's account, or have their supervision.

4. If you want to see who is selected each week, then be sure to join us on the Steem Monster Show every Wednesday!


(Some ideas to help get you thinking)

  1. draw a picture of your favorite monster
  2. paint a picture of your favorite player
  3. design a video game
  4. write a song
  5. write a poem
  6. make a stop-motion video
  7. make a vlog
  8. Invent a new "ability" you think should be added to the list
  9. Bake a monsterlicious recipe to share
  10. Take pictures of something monstrous

The Steem Monster Show - with @coruscate and @littlescribe

LIVE Video:


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@o07 will be sponsoring Monster Kids!

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I would leave you a pertinent comment, but I don't really have much to say about steemmonsters yet.


Ha ha ha! Well, you've been a busy guy!

Hmmm...interesting, even yeens now got a chance to partake and get a monster card.



Yes, they are very enthusiastic. The kids are going crazy about the stuff. Just gotta make sure they now we have a corner for them too.

Ok, I got some time to write this Post...
I wouldn't call myself a kid though. Plus, Monster Minors alliterates better ;P