Highlights of the day [ Mystery Reward , Quest Reward & SPT post's Curation ]

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Hey Splinterlands fans started the day with my favorite Splinter Quest LIFE Quest . Yeah this is my most favorite Splinter with this splinter it's so easy to complete daily quest, but it's become hard when you are in Diamond league and battling against max deck with Gold league leveled cards . It's really sucks sometimes i am think to dump my all money into the game and max my deck , but than control myself 😝 . Luckily today i got 1 Orbs from my Daily mystery potions , but the cards i got from it not that much good 😕 .

Screenshot_2019-07-06 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (1).png

And all i hate about this packs is that molten ogre , which is completely useless card . I hope tomorrow i will get better rewards and finally completed my Daily tseuq . Let's see what i got from it .

Woooot Gold foil FLAME IMP not that bad though. currently i am playing at DIAMOND 3 and QUEST POTIONS activate , so i think buying quest potions which gives 5 extra reward cards not a bad idea at all . There is another potions that i alaways suggest that Brilliant Mystery Potion . Sometimes we didn't get that much good reward from mystery , but who knows maybe next day we will get a mystery legendary summoner 😎.


Now let's talk about www.splintertalk.io , we all know that site used to be talk/discuss about @splinterlands game and share strategical contents and only Steemmonsters topic related posts . But nowdays some users don't know how to use the proper tag , most of the users using #spt tag on non-sm related posts which is not allowed . I myself got 10000 SPT airdrop from @aggroed and bought 70000 SPT more from market . my first goal to reach 200000 mark . I am using @zaku-spt account to curate posts from www.splintertalk.io and also giving warning and downvoting those posts who using #spt tag on non-sm related post . I think sm team need to create a account like nopal4u , which will be nospt4u and handover that to a tag moderation team who will clean those junk from the site. The posts i curated today given below , i hope this will encourage the authors to post more on splintertalk site .



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Today is another quest day with my Life splinter. Like Earth splinter. life is also one of my best summoner because it gives me easy win in some battles. With my life splinter I can get to use : Divine healer Armorsmith Silvershield Paladin Peacebringer Air elemental among others which is truly base

Top Curated posts Of #BATTLE , #SPT , #PALNET

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HI guys , after release of Scottube we can see a huge change on steem community .. many steem based tokens are generated and they are doing well for their platform, but even though they are not seperated from steem.... (Like - #battle , #sct , #spt, #palnet , #steemleo #aaa , #jjm etc .) .. Thanks t

Steem Monsters Card Giveaway #8 - Sea Monster Level 4 Regular Card

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Hello SM players, I think I have given away a Gold Sea Monster card before but this time no gold. Sadly I have ran out of extra gold cards to giveaway. I did not get any gold card in daily quests or season rewards last season. So, no gold card for this week. But I'll be giving away a regular Sea Mon

Sea Monster - Monster Profile - SplinterLore

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“Captain? Why is it suddenly dark outside?”
“We’re not outside anymore. The ship was swallowed by a Sea Monster.”
“Hopefully, in a few days.”

Opening 25 Booster Packs / Splinterlands.io

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In this Video (My first Video on tube.splintertalk.io) I open 25 BETA Booster Packs on Splinterlands.io - There are a lot of Cards. In 125 Cards but no Legend Card :( But some Gold Cards.

Daily sm card giveaway #16 :: Win exploding dwarf

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Hello residents of Splinterlands! I hope you all are playing well!! Welcome to my daily giveaway! I am doing giveaway everyday to give you guys a little bit of extra boost! I will give 1 steemmonsters card everyday to a winner ! This contest and all the contests afterwards will be powered by @contes


If you have not joined the fun yet, now would be the perfect time to do so - If you sign up to the game via my ref link by clicking on the banner below, I will send you 30 cards to boost your deck immediately for free - no disadvantages for you at all!



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Steem Monsters Contact Info

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Are u drunk? :-P
Thanks for the Curation-Vote today! i really appreciate it! U are right. Non-SM-Related content is pain on splintertalk, forum and dtube instance.

i just made a post in german where i explain the three frontends.

have a great day and thanks for your work! u rock

hahaha you got it man :D Congrats

Thanks! :-D Cheers

Greetings, @zaku

Congratulations for your rewards. Its excelent cards!!!!! Golden cards make me happy when i win one....

I igree with you about bad use of tags... I think it will be watched by some equip.

thank you and have a good night

#spt #battle #palnet


Great article, is this the strange word?

Yeah , it is . but someone already got it before you and got the prize , Better luck next time :p

very late, sorry for spam

I love those quest and mystery potions I either have one or both on at all times. DEC is starting to get in rather high demand around here which is awesome.

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