LEGENDARY steemmonsters card... "Ruler of the seas"

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Had a very good day yesterday. Got back in to GOLD III, had me ass kicked by @saffisara and managed to pick up a legendary card in the DQ...

That is a good steemmonsters day 😜


If you'd like to see @saffisara take me to school:


Let's just say it's not a pretty sight!! A proper old skwl, ass whooping.


But that didn't stop me, I picked myself up (what was left of me), dusted my broken and disfigured self down and got back to it.

Lucky I did, I picked me up a "Ruler of the seas". A very useful card I believe?? It will slot nicely in to my playing strategy for the water summoner. The summoner buff of +1 magic attack will definitely make this a formidable card to use in higher manna games.


So let's see what this pastey skin, flaming haired, thunderbolt throwing, golden pants wearing, fish eating sea god can really do!!


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Well that is One more Card than I have with that Ruler of The Seas......Nice One Welshie !


I may not get many reward card per day, but I have been lucky in picking up a few good ones. Already used it in battle and it definitely makes a big difference, its got one hell of a kick to it. 3 magic hit points + 3 from the sea genie + 2 from madusa, is a great first round attack

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Magic blast is evil... I love it so much. If it attacks middle deck in snipe games, the blast goes both ways!

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I'm so sorry I kicked you hard my friend 🙏 my deepest apologies!
Well.. Not that deep... Lol
You got some good cards and you are doing well. I'm now at 2100 and it's been hard to get there and I also been away a few days so haven't played much.
But I will try reach my goal this season.. Not seing that happening but Anyhooo... Lol
Diamond here I come for ya.
I hope to se you again soon and you are allowed to kick me 😜 try anyway... Lol

Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers! 🌹

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