Splinterlands Promo Cards - Check out SteemMonsters / SplinterLands!

in steemmonsters •  2 months ago 

Have some Splinterlands cards to give away in my travels. Thinking about selling one or some..

Check out and sign up for Steemmonsters

Gave away some of these cards in New York. Thought about selling them as someone had inquired. Although we really want to give them to new people that join steem and the game. Please feel free to express interest and will offer them soon (in a future post)!

If you are reading this post and no yet on STEEM and already linked with @virtualgrowth elsewhere please reach out and ask for a chance at one of these so that you may join STEEM and check out the game! Please mention why you love games and blockchain!

Or maybe some type of contest for a giveaway! Please feel free to share and vote on ideas together!

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