free give away steemmonsters card 38

in steemmonsters •  4 months ago 

hi guys i have be very besy for some time and not give free card lately just want to say i am sry. but las all have fun and start this from to day.

I will give this card to 1 of you guys who commen me below.
it will be cool if you upvote or like but is not a most just commen below to win this card only 1 winner i will do this every day so follow me.
i give only lvl 1 card away.
will be nice if you upvote or follow me for more income free card giveaway guys:)
take the card and get some more dec


if you upvote me i will upvote back plz make a commen so is easyer for me to upvote you back agin, my upvote is like 0.05 usd worth. tyvm for playing

you have to commen below and telling me you game name so i can send you the card, tyvm for playing guys and las kep playing !!

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I'm in. SM name is the same as this one. 😊

Thank you for the contest!

you win can i have you game name so i can send you the card?

Yes, amazing!) Thank you!

stranger27 is my nickname in game, same as in steemit

upvoted !
Thanks for your giveaways !
My username : cryptofrancois .

Thanks! @cryptoreaper

I'd like to win the sea monster.

Thanks great idea

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I'm in.. My SM username: cryptofiloz

Thanks for giveaway!