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in steemmonsters •  2 months ago

Yay! I've just taken all of my #steemmonsters Common cards up to Level 2 now. I combined many of the actual cards that have been given to me by others, so that I don't accidentally give them away in my #payitforward activities. Thank you!

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Found your article on steemengine. Didn't know you were a member!


Haha, thanks, I didn't know that I was a member either! 😆  I remember applying to join SteemEngine in my very first week on the Steem blockchain, but they said I was too new, and had to be on Steem for about 3 months before I could apply. I see that I've now been on Steem for exactly 3 months today, so they must have automatically made me a member there. Cool, I'll have to pop on over and have a nosey! Thanks for letting me know! 👍


Hmm, it looks like I have dropped SteemEngine from my Discord in the meantime, and it doesn't seem to be in @aschatria's long list of Steem-related Discords here either. Can I get another invite link to SteemEngine please, @classicmemes? Thanks.