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RE: My First Steemmonster Battle (Practice Battle But Still Awesome!)

That was a very interesting matchup, @davemccoy. I thought it was curious that the Lightning Dragon's Thorns  ability could reach the Skeleton Assassin on the back row. I guess I had considered the possibility that Thorns  is a Melee defense rather than a Ranged defense, but there isn't really such a thing, is there? I was expecting that Thorns  would only work in an "up close and personal" fight on the front row. Good to see that I was wrong on this.

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Hey @trisquelwhare... You are right in that the thorns hits back on melee... The reason why it looks funny is that the Assassin is using melee. He is a "sneek" so he can strike with his melee attack from any position in the lineup. And since the Dragon has thorns, he will respond in kind! ;)

Aha! Of course. Thank you for putting me right on this. There is so much that I'm yet to consider about the gameplay features in SteemMonsters. I'm learning, slowly. We still have plenty of time yet before the tournaments start. I'm hopiing to build up my spreadsheet before then and be able to select a decent Team from it on-the-fly. That's the plan, anyway. I'm now pulling in the live data directly from the SteemMonsters API into my spreadsheet too, so that helps. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community!

awesome... I'm thinking we have a good group of people that are assembling here and everyone will get involved in different speeds and levels of interest. I'm happy to have these kind of discussions so that we can all enjoy this game together! :D

ps... very cool that you are getting the data directly! Good job, it will come in handy I'm sure of it! ;)