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RE: First Splinterlands: UNTAMED Airdrop Announced - DIAMOND DRAGON!

Kind of a bummer that the airdrops don't qualify if you bought pre-sale packs through the game's interface. A lot of folks bought into the hype through that interface as it was the only means within their budgets at the time. Granted, new pledge amounts were added (days) after the first offering of pre-sale packs via the game's interface and are now qualifiers for the airdrops. That IS a cool deal! But ya, if you bought pre-sale, before the new pledge marks... it's a sour egg. Not the end of the world....just......meh.

*(soooo hope I'm wrong... it wouldn't make me mad to be wrong hahah )


You are eligible for the airdrops from packs bought on the website. The only difference is that now that the first 100,000 packs have been sold, any additional packs bought from the main Splinterlands website will not be eligible for that first airdrop, only the 13 remaining ones. Any bought on the crowdfunding sites now until the end of November will get in on all 14 though. I bought a couple packs from the main site before the first 100,000 packs were sold so those will be eligible for all 14 airdrops. Make sense?

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